What are my chances?

How do we feel my chances are of getting a SDFP for test track at around 1pm on a CL6 day? Epcot does have evening EMH on the date in question.

Not good. Look at this recent blog for more information. http://blog.touringplans.com/2017/05/05/day-of-fp/ . It’s a Tier 1 attraction that is very popular. It has a single rider line if that can help you out.

Thank you. Kind of what I thought but I’ll hope for a miracle. Single rider is our back up option.

Agree, not good.

I agree with highly unlikely, but I’d certainly try for it; “worst case” is you follow your back-up plan…

Yea I’ll hold out hope that there’s something available at anytime before closing. Even if I can get one or two and then rider swap.

With rides being 3 seater then single rider really does work well on this one. I saw lots of people using it.

You miss out designing the car but get the same ride once it’s designed by the other 2 guests in the car

Thanks for the info. I don’t think my fam will be too upset if they can’t design one.

How are the lines/wait times for TT and Soarin during evening EMH? Is it worth waiting until then to ride it if FFP isn’t an option?

I did single rider a year ago, and got to design a car. Mine actually won a couple segments, out of our car’s group of 6 riders (2 rows of 3).

We were there in June on a CL5 day. I had a FPP for Frozen and snagged Test Track AND Soarin within a couple hours after using the Frozen one. I just kept hit modify until I found success. There were 3 of us I was trying for. So keep modifying, you never know!

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This makes me feel a little more hopeful. Thanks!

Soarin and test track queues are only about 60 min worst case anyway aren’t they

If you rope drop Soarin I think you will be on and off in less than 30 mins

Mid morning it was only showing 40 mins standby queues yesterday for Soarin but it was our last day and we couldn’t fit it in without missing lunch

We did the same thing in April. Refreshed for a few minutes and got a Test Track FP for the three of us with a return time of about 30 minutes later. It’s always worth trying. :slight_smile: