What are EMH 10pm-midnight at MK like?

On arrival day in July I’m planning on going to MK as it has EMH from 10pm to midnight.

Anyone have any idea what this will be like?

As I understand it there are no FPPs. TP has it as a CL7 day.

Will there be long queues, or will it be like a party night or even DAH?

Closer to a party night (though minus the special character greetings and parades so everyone will be in the lines) than DAH. Just like morning EMH, they will check your band before you’re allowed in any line. Not all rides are going.

Anyone else got anything to add here?

I’m really interested to get a sense of how long lines for things like BTMRR are likely to be.

I was going to post this question as well. We’ve never stayed for EMH night at MK and want to do this on our 2nd night for our trip in July.

I’ve been there the past two summers. We love EMH night at MK! You could probably get a jump on things if you didn’t watch HEA the night you are going. We chose to dive in and see it before after hours. It was crowded yes, but we had a plan to head back to HM and then BTMRR. It was 20-30 minutes. We did POTC and went to SDMT next. Very relaxing and fun. I like EMH at night more than mornings.


We did PM EMH last January at MK. I think they were from 8-10. We didn’t use it fully as we had a late dinner reservation at BOG but we walked on JC, HM, IASW and rode PP with a 5 minute wait before our dinner.

It’s the only one we’ve ever done though so I can’t say if January PM crowds are simply much lighter than summer evening crowds or if this is just a normal evening EMH at MK.

We have an opportunity for these EMH on our April trip. I don’t think my DD7 will make it to the end but I am hoping that we will get even just two or three rides in after HEA at 9:15 before leaving.

My family uses the PM EMH at MK and have encountered very short waits for things we wanted to ride–Space Mt., Buzz, Astro Orbiter, Dumbo, Small World, Haunted Mansion, princess meets, Under the Sea, Dumbo, splash mt, Pirates, Aladdin, especially if you don’t watch HEA. By short waits I mean 15-20 or less and many times walk on. We’ve never tried 7D at that time because we’ve always had multiple FPs during our trip for it. We’ve done this twice the first week of October and the second week of April.

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I think of EMH as “extended park hours for mostly everyone” Crowds are less, but in a CL 7 to a CL 5 kind of way. It feels better, but I don’t plan on accomplishing more, like I would at a party.

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