What are current touring plan start times?

Working on touring plans for Sept 19-23. If we plan to arrive at all parks one hour earlier than advertised park open time, what time do I put into customizer as my touring start time? Should I simply put start as 45 min prior to actual opening time? If I put in actual open time I’m getting some strange results as my first attractions to visit.
I read that at one point HS wasnt letting cars into parking lot until 45 min ahead and the park itself was also opening then so drivers were behind the pack. Should I still plan to be drpped off nearby and walk into HS if I want to be an hour early?

Epcot & HS are only opening about 30 minutes early. I would set the plan to start 20-25 minutes early.
AK is a little earlier. That plan can start 30 minutes early.
I think MK rope drop is right at opening time, so no early start there.

You still want to arrive 1 hr early to get ahead, It should be fine to drive now.

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