What am I forgetting/missing?

I’m 17 days out, and I’m started to freak! I have my list of “To Do’s”, so I want to know there’s nothing I’m missing there. I also need a list of “To Buy’s” (I have a lot already, but want a double-check), and also want to make a list of “Must Eats” and “Must Sees” (the unexpected things - Citizen of WDW, that kind of thing)

Here’s my To Do:
**Make 2 copies of passport/DL/birth certificate/provincial and extended health cards/travel insurance - 1 copy stays at home with DBF and the other comes with me
**Print off driving directions for all destinations
**Pre order BOG breakfast (lunch is already done)
**Decide/purchase travel phone plan
**Prepare Frogg Toggs for first use
**Combine multiple GC’s onto a select few cards
**Clear out camera card so it’s fresh
**Decorate MB covers with sparkly things
**Confirm with @DarthDopey when room faxes are sent
**Make “Must Eat” and “Must See” lists - input would be lovely!

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Clean your pre1982 pennies if using US
Make 3rd copy of all document to leave with someone at home, including credit cards number exp and phone numbers
Charge or put in new camera battery

Take a deep breath

Don’t forget extra sunscreen - that Sun is HOT. We like to take a sponge and soak some dish detergent into it, cut it in half or thirds and let dry. We use it for washing out cups at the end of the day. Extra ziplock bags to store things in. I’m sure there’s lots more, but that’s of the top of my head.

I just put my mail on hold for the days we are gone!

My boyfriend is at home the whole time I’m away, so thankfully I don’t have to worry about that! :slight_smile:

The sponges!! I knew I was forgetting something. Thank you!

Taking one photocopy with me and leaving one copy with DBF. I don’t think I need a third copy, do I?

In that case nope

I forgot them this trip, and boy did I miss them. We used a washcloth and hand soap but that was a PIA.

What’s pre-order meal for BOG? Don’t forget one of those rum spiked dole whips at A.K.

For breakfast and lunch reservations at Be Our Guest, you can preorder your meal, saving you time in line when you arrive :smile:

I know whats missing! A liner hiding in your suitcase😀

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Now you’re talking! Who should I squeeze in there? :smiley:

I have gone digital with this: take photos (front and back) of all these items plus Credit Cards and Gift Cards. Keep one copy on smart phone, one copy on home PC, and then send electronic or print copies to others

To cut down on the number of photos I do “group shots”, e.g. one photo of credit cards, one photo of passports/DLs, etc. (making sure to do a group shot of the backs where appropriate). Most smartphone cameras have good enough resolution that you can zoom in on a particular card/document to make out the details.


Honestly my first thought is @LuvMuppets I know should would be grateful, just pack memory foam around her so it doesn’t kill her back.

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