What am I doing wrong?!?

I’m 22 days out for our 6 day Disney trip with 8 TP’s to do. I have a bunch of copies & I’m all over the place but now it’s time to get serious.

Originally I thought there was no way we would even attempt SmugRun and we would just plan to walk around a bit - now it looks like it’s definitely doable and considering my friend is a HUGE SW fan I’d love to do it.

I’m still contemplating on which Oga’s to keep. Morning or afternoon. We do plan to hop to Epcot later in the afternoon so we don’t necessarily need alcohol at DHS. (I also have an evening Oga’s later in the trip - so yes, I’ll try a drink or 2 then!)

HOWEVER - no matter what I do, I cannot get TP to acknowledge my Frozen FP. I wish I could get an earlier time, I check at least twice a day. I have the box checked, what else can I do?

Here’s my plan:

I can’t access the plan. Did you publish it?

Yes, here’s the link again:

It says right at the top that it’s published. Maybe it’s just completely doomed, lol.

This is the working link. You should copy and paste it to the original post. :grinning:

I’m reviewing TP now.

So… .Please correct me if I’m wrong. You have a TSMM FPP at 9am - 10am - correct?

Your notes say you have a 12pm FPP for Frozen, but you have it scheduled in the TP for the 10:30am show. What time is the FPP actually scheduled for?

You also have Ronto’s scheduled at Noon. So… there are overlapping issues.

Could you please confirm Frozen FPP time, so I can go from there?

Also - Noticed your Star Tours notes - You have a 10 minute grace period - not 15 minutes. (The FPP window is up to 5 minutes early and 10 minutes late. Maybe that’s the confusion?)

Looks like TP is not using the Frozen FPP because it isn’t needed.
Think you can force optimize to use your FPP, but there may be an issue since you also have a break scheduled at that time.

From a personal planning perspective, I would minimize walking. I travel with teens and a DH who can all be grumpy if I didn’t minimize walking.

I’m currently making a DHS TP that uses a FPP for Frozen - just to get rid of a Tier 2 FPP in mid-day. I have no issues with it. Until OP clarifies these FPP & ADR times and why things in the TP overlap, I can’t say for sure.

The links look exactly the same on my end?

My Frozen FP time is 12pm (but the show is 12:30 & I have it selected as preferred time) I can’t get an earlier one - TP keeps putting it in the plan in the morning no matter what I do. That’s why I put RR in at 12pm.

Hope that makes sense? I really appreciate your help!

I know it’s not needed, but unfortunately that’s the earliest available.
Walking IS minimized and set to relaxed - this plan was completely optimized, not evaluated.

I played around with creating a duplicate from scratch based on your input. First, I didn’t use any FP. I added the Frozen one only and it put your Ronto Roaster starting 11:50 and used the Frozen FP. When I added the other FP, it moved Frozen to the 10ish timeframe. Even with forcing optimize to use FP.

I would go with the TP optimized suggestion and forgo Frozen FP. If you really want Frozen at 12:30, take Frozen out of your show selection and enter a break in TP to force a placeholder in the schedule.

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Ok… now I have a better idea of what is happening.

#1 - The link looks the same to you because you have access to your entire dashboard / account. As “viewers” we can only see the printable version.

Disney World Touring Plans” is what makes this viewable to people.If you look at the two links in this Topic you’ll see the subtle difference in the links.

#2 - The “preferred” show time feature, in my experience, does not work as a way to tell TP when you want to go. I use it as a visual reminder to myself of where to put it in my personalized plan. If you are just “Optimzing” your plan and letting TP arrange the steps it will put them in the order of the shortest queue waits. It is not always looking at your “preferred” time. (I find this feature to be hit or miss - usually miss.)

You are going to need to manually arrange your steps. It looks like after TSMM you would be headed to Star Tours. Move that to step #8. After that you’ll have an hour to wait for Frozen to begin.

You can use that time for whatever. (I moved up your Ronto’s Time to 11:30 to fill in some of that time) If you don’t want to go back into SWGE, place a “break” there lasting until 12pm.

I have made a sample plan using this criteria - It has me getting done with MFSR a bit later than your plan did, but nothing serious. I left your “Explore SWGE” break time in there - it just starts about 30 minutes later. This TP does use all your FPP. So you can be eligable for a same say FPP for another Tier 1 attraction if they are available before you leave at 3pm. Let me know if you have questions:


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Thank you & @Hunny_Bear for your input - sorry for the delay in responding, I hate when real life takes me away from Disney planning!

I normally create a plan of a perfect day with a few extras, then I end up removing things that aren’t that important and once I get an idea of what we will actually be doing that day I like to optimize than move some stuff around usually because even though I have minimize walking it has us hopping around a lot. I’d rather wait an extra 10-15 minutes (total for a few rides rather than walk across the park to save like 3).

It’s interesting that your times were so much different than mine. My SWGE wait was 31 and on the plan you made it’s 57! I plan to make 2 plans, one where we go straight to SWGE and the other where we hit TSL & we will figure it out either the night before or that morning, either way I’ll have a laminated plan with me, lol. I won’t cancel the 12pm Frozen until we get in earlier, I’d rather have a safe guard.
I also need to see if we will do Oga’s at 10 or 1:40. Decisions, decisions!

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.

My plan is probably slower as I didn’t know your group size. I entered 5 people to be safe and put you on a relaxed pace. I didn’t want to assume.

Have fun! Please ask if you need anything else. I work a boring desk job and have a bunch of free time, :wink:

There are only 3 adults. Ironically, it now has us RD’ing TOT & RNRC! The plan seems too good to be true as it has us finishing up by 12:03 & that includes a trip to Oga’s and getting a Ronto Wrap (which I’ve been dying to have since seeing all the reviews).

I still need to make another 2 that have SWGE & TSL first. As good as I am on the computer, I need to have my laminate paper plans with me. I hate being on my phone and missing out on things in the park, however I do that to grab FP.

I always use the slowest setting to allow times for bathroom breaks and such. Thanks again!

Me too! I went to WDW in April / May of this year because Disney had me so worried about the “massive” crowds that were supposed to be coming. I’m going to DLR, for the first time ever, next September. I’ll get to have one then.

I have done it both ways. I, too, prefer to have a hard copy. I find the Lines app to just be “so-so” and a hard copy helps me preserve my phone batteries.