What am I doing wrong? Boarding Group practice

Yes, call and fix. It can cause difficulties. We had with a ghost that had incorrect fast passes. This was right after magic bands and tapping in for FPs. CMs would see one in the group not showing green and just allow the guest to go on, figuring a glitch. I don’t recall what finally caused the problem to be noticed enough to be fixed. It was an quick fix but we were at WDW.

It only pre selects everyone in your party if they are scanned in the park…Also, know that if you don’t get one at 10am, you can try the 2pm window but DO NOT need to be in the park for that one so you can leave, go back to your hotel or go have lunch and try it from outside the park


You do need to have been in the park that day however.


Join/join is all you need to practice. It auto-selects those in the park with you.

Thru me off the first time because I was used to the old way.

I practiced today for first time in prep for a November trip. I hit join right at 10:00:00, hit select all members of group, then looked up at my computer screen because an instant message popped up for work, and when I looked back down to hit join again it was 10:00:18 and said all groups were filled.

Do all boarding groups really get filled up within 18 seconds?


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Yes! I think that they fill in <10 seconds most days! Today mine really hanged looking for my friends and family and I didn’t get one at 10:00:12.


Newbie here - forgive the question.

So the practice here in my house far away from HS is just about how fast I can type, familiarizing myself with the process, making sure my party of people is set up correctly and possibly timing it and checking internet speeds? I can’t actually claim a BG because no one is actually in the park?

I feel very dumb right now, but I also really want to practice! lol

I just practiced for the 2:00 drop and it made me feel so much better. Not that it’s complicated, but my eyes and brain understand what I need to do once the real battle begins now. My husband laughed at me.

Anyway, it stopped me and said I didn’t have tickets. Do you have to have an AP to get past that point (when practicing from home)?

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My “practice” was just me watching the clock and hitting “Join” and then Join again… then it stopped me and told me I didn’t have park tickets. I get so hyped up when I’m in the parks, I figure my hands will be shaking and I’ll be so excited and competitive that I might click the wrong thing. (I have no chill). So practicing for me is just familiarizing my brain in hopes it will go on auto pilot when the time comes.


No need to hit “select all” during practice. (Unnecessary step). When in the parks, your party will automatically be selected.

lol me too! It’s all about the muscle memory going on autopilot. I’m trying tomorrow morning.

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Rookie mistake. :wink:

(It really is ridiculous how fast they go, but yes, literally every second or millisecond counts.)


No, you went as far as you can go without being in the park. If the red bar didn’t pop up at the bottom of the screen, you should be good.

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I’m sure the math doesn’t work, but I don’t understand why Disney can’t just pre-assign boarding groups when you make your Park Reservation. this would eliminate this stressful 10:00am lottery, and maybe spread the crowds out more evenly throughout the day if you knew in advance that you were or were not getting a boarding pass.


You must stay focused on the task at hand. No distractions allowed. Even if your child is choking…WAIT until after you have your BG to start the Heimlich! :wink:


I missed practice just now due to a crying child! On the day of, there is no crying in baseball!


So funny!! One of the things I’ll often say to my family if I hear a kid crying at WDW is “there is no crying in Disney World.”


Ah ha. I see. I practiced again today and got the red bar. I hit “Join” with my thumb and kind of missed it so I had to hit it a second time. Precious seconds!

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Let’s call it “the red bar of death” :joy:

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My cousin said she’s worried I’ll be dragged out of WDW for losing my mind if I dont get a BG. The red bar of death better stay away!

(clearly joking. I am a very reasonable woman :laughing:.)