What a MK crowd level 1 looks like


Some photos taken today, 9/1 at 10:30 am in MK. This is awesome.

Headed towards Splash Mtn.

Disney World Crowds - Labor Day 2015
Crowd level question for staff and liner opinions

That is amazing! Have a great day.


Who farted?


Enjoy the day!


Just like in the "old days"!


Pretty awesome, take full advantage!


Headed towards Liberty Square


Entrance to the Mine Train


Behind the Castle


Main Street


Wow! So, what have you done this morning? Give us the long list smile


Whoa! and I had hoped to go there today - bathroom remodel first though. Gotta bend to the schedule of the contractor! Hope it's a 1 on Wednesday!


7DMT (had FPP), POTC, HM, Pooh, JC, Carousel, Carpets, speedway, teacups, Peter Pan, BTMM, didn't do Splash as we are leaving today. We did a whole bunch last night too and I beat DS in Buzz! 😉


My favorite time to visit! Missed it this year frowning have fun!!!!


Oh! I am so pricing out next year!


That is AWESOME!!!! Have a safe trip home and enjoy the rest of your day!


It's almost unrecognizable without all the people. LOL!!!!


I'm seriously shocked at how empty it is. We did mid Sept. last year and it was never that empty. I'm with @PrincipalTinker about pricing out next year!


I think we just started a new family tradition! Can't go next year because we are taking a DCL cruise, but Labor Day weekend 2016...here we come! I loved taking photos with the park nearly empty. We did a pre-RD breakfast too...