What 2 epcot dinner dining reservation?

Wife and I, 2 daughers 5 years old, where should i eat at epcot, do not want buffetts, was thinking La hacienda, (get lucky with fireworks view) and maybe one of the following

Via Napoli
chef de france
coral reef
rose and crown
san angel inn
via napoli

I think you have your heart set on Via Napoli, since it is on your list twice!

While our service had been average at VN, we’ve always liked the food.

haha, just a typo, but thanks for the input

I always love Epcot because of the food choices. Hard to narrow down that list but here it is:

  1. San Angel Inn
  2. Coral Reef
  3. Via Napoli
    In my trip in November I already have ADRs for San Angel Inn and Coral Reef.

Via Napoli is our favorite in Epcot, I would go there. Get the pizza, it is beyond delicious!

With daughters that age, I have to recommend Garden Grill. Hubs still gripes that it was so expensive (we both had booze, though), but DS5 raves about the character meet. I thought the food was quite good. I’d take half as much food for a reduced price, but it was still a cool experience.

I second Garden Grill. It is not a buffet, it is family style, so all you care to eat, but brought to your table. And the characters are great!! Farmer Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale.

Given that list I would say VN, hands down, for the pizza. If you want Italian, but not pizza, I think Tutto Italia is better.

You already have La Hacienda (one of my favorites) so I would skip San Angel Inn; it’s very pretty, but I think the food is better in LH (get a margarita at La Cava and enjoy it while you look around the pavilion).

I’ve always had good experiences at Coral Reef, and it’s one of the most unique restaurants you will go to, but there seem to be a lot of inconsistancy problems with food quality (it gets about 50/50 reviews here and on Chat.

I enjoy stopping in the pub side of R&C for a beer, but the food has never really excited me. Raglan Road has a much larger menu, much better food. and a wider selection of beers and whiskies. If you’re “set” on watching Illuminations DURING dinner however, R&C is probably your best choice.

Chefs de France is one of my two LEAST favorite restaurants in EP. I have found it crowded, noisy, and rushed, having unpleasant wait staff, and serving food that is “French” in name only - at least for lunch. If you really want a French dinner, the signature Monsieur Paul, upstairs, is excellent; probably the best food served in EP, and quite possibly the best food served IN any of the 4 parks.

I know that you said “no buffets”, but I have to put a plug in for Biergarten. There is a HUGE selection of very authentically prepared food, a great overall atmosphere, fun entertainment, and of course, excellent beer. It’s my over-all favorite TS in EP.

Thank you all for your input, sounds like via napoli is the way to go, if i add a third adr ill have a tough decision to make,