What 2 do


Just wondering what to do… I can’t decide so i thought i would give it a go over here…

We’re a morning family… So rope drop will work best for us… Better than late nights… But making fast pass plans i was thinking… Is it better to go to a park with early magic hours or go to the park with the lowest crowd level?

If you are going to use EMH, then there is no need to avoid that park. We did AM EMH at MK and we accomplished a lot. For the most part though, if you have a good touring plan and use your fastpasses, you should be fine with either choice.

I’m just wondering if i should use it or just stick with my plan and go to the park that is least crowed according to touringplan…

I would go with the park that has EMH if you will be able to make it at that opening. Most likely you could complete 3-4 attractions in that hour.

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Start deciding if hoppers are worth it to you.
This very scenario is one of the reasons we get them. We are an am family, and am emh are not a big deal for us to get to. After am emh, and the non hopper ppl are (for lack of a better term) “stuck,” we hop to a park with a lower crowd level. On the flip-side, we are not late night ppl at ALL.

thank you @seebee we have parkhoppers as we’re traveling from europe and booked with the uk site. But as we’re traveling with 3 young girls i don’t know if hopping is a good option… (they are 5,3 and 1 years old)
You can’t hopp from park to park you have to go to a hotel and then go to a different park right?

You can park from park to park! There are buses usually (sometimes a boat or monorail ) that you can use.

Yes, you can go direct from park to park. Here’s a quick summary, and also, Taxi service is an option as well:

How do you get between parks at Disney World?

Magic Kingdom park and Epcot are connected via monorail.
Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios are connected via boat.
Magic Kingdom park and Disney's Hollywood Studios are connected via bus.
Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park is connected to the 3 other theme parks via bus.

You don’t have to go back to the hotel if you don’t want to.

wow thanks didn’t know this! Will rethink the park hopping :slight_smile:

Are you not intending to take afternoon breaks? With children that young I definitely would. Then it’s easy to go to another park afterwards.

Yes i think we’re thinking of taking midday breaks, but i don’t know if we would be returning to the parks after. Because we’re not really evening people (at least not the kids) we think it’s best to tour until 2 or 3 o’clock the most and then go back to the hotel for a swim and dinner. As we’re staying in AKL i think there’s plenty to do over there as well. And maybe my husband or myself will go back in the evening…

But there’s so much to find out and know that i have a hard time choosing what is best. I would like to do most of the choosing in advance so that when we’re there we can go with the flow of the day and park.

@linn693l. May family is a lot like yours. My kids are 8,5 and 1. We have tried taking midday breaks, but have found that it doesn’t work for us. Like you all, we tucker out around 4:00 and head back to the hotel. It makes for a much nicer, relaxed trip. The only day we park hop is our AK day. We usually leave around lunch time because we have finished all we wanted to do. Like others have said, I wouldn’t let the crowd level affect my decision. As long as you have your fast passes and touringb plan you will be fine. Choose the EMH. Morning EMHs are always beneficial. Enjoy!