We've been brainwashed

Well we both started walking before the trip so we weren’t exhausted. We chilled out the day we got there. We drove from NC, stopped half way down and spent the night. Highly recommend. Then did AK day, HS Day, Rest day, Ep day, MK day (left side) MK day (right side). Left at noon the last day. We took a break every day from about 1-6. We did TS at lunch so we could get out of the sun, and didn’t have to rush to be somewhere by dinner reservations. For 4 nights I did get a 2br so he could have space away from the kids. I took the kids to the pool on our breaks, and honestly I’m not sure what he did but it gave him some space, alone time. I made sure every place we ate had something everyone would eat (tough with picky kids). It was just so enjoyable. And yes this was our once in a lifetime trip. One and done! Put that is the rear view mirror! HA!!

that’s how i feel about disneyland california. super addicting. the more i went the more i wanted to go. never been to florida but i’m trying to save for a trip. i was told not to go during summer. sounds like you guys didn’t mind the heat!

This is our once in a lifetime trip too…hoping to persuade husband that 2021 50th anniversary has a good ring to it if all goes well lol.We will need 3 years to save up !

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Early June, so not too bad, plus we had a lot of overcast days. It did rain a lot but held off until mid day every day. Getting up early is critical. The one thing I did Not expect was me 2 early risers being so tired that they never woke up, I had to start setting an alarm. It is exhausting.

I took my family (wife and two sons then aged 10 and 9) to our first and only Disney trip 9 years ago and have been unable to stop thinking about it. My wife and I had set a target date for June 2018 as our next trip and I have been planning for literally YEARS for our trip. I’m writing down little things I want to see, places and food I want to eat, playing with the Lines app, pre-ording my Unofficial Guide books, etc. my sons are in college now and won’t be coming with us, but my daughter will be 9 next summer, and she just missed out on our precious trip. My wife was actually pregnant with her at the time and missed riding some things because of it. I felt my daughter kick for the first time while lounging in a deck chair at Blizzard Beach. I know I’m rambling right now, but thinking of Disney brings up a lot of warm memories.

For those of you overseas worries about the U.S. political climate, don’t worry about it. There is a lot of childish bickering between left and right wingers, but there is no reason to fear some sort of civil war though. Only thing that may cause issue is if you live in a travel ban country (if it is still in effect, it goes back and forth all the time).

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Thank you for sharing I am a teacher and usually go during my spring break but for our upcoming trip will have to switch to June it’s nice to see that despite the heat you and your family still had a blast

It seems im the rare DH who loves WDW vacations and it’s my DW who didn’t care for it. That all changed last trip (May 2017). Everything just went so perfectly. It was never just about amusement parks or thrill rides to me. It was the little things I always notice that she finally saw. The beautiful landscaping, architecture, the cleanliness, the friendliness, the hospitality, the romance, just the overall tranquility meshed perfectly with endless entertainment right at your fingertips. The fact you can dine in an elegant restaraunt, take a horse drawn carriage ride, a romantic stroll by a river, and still pop over to a park to have your heart pump fast on a thrill ride, or see a fantastic show and then cap it off with a fantastic firework celebration all in one day and within a small community who’s sole purpose is to make your trip magical. You just can’t get that anywhere else.

Our favorite part of the trip was our morning sunrise walks around the resort. It was beautiful and tranquil. At times we would see the workers washing the sidewalks with soap and water. My wife was amazed to what details were taken to maintain the beauty of the entire community.

We had been few times over the past 25 years or so but I always had to drag her or convince her. We always brought the kids or extended family and we always had a great time. She just never fell in love with it like I did. This last trip was just her, I and our DD13. We found time to do things together as a family and still found time to do things together as a couple. It was the little things that caught me and after our last trip she feels the same. You can say I converted her.


Such a perfect explanation OlafsDad! It is exactly all of that. And exactly what is making a trip to the beach seem dreadfully boring for me.

My husband doesn’t like planning or “touristy” places. On our drive home from Disney he asked if I wanted to do an adults only trip for our anniversary! He even came up with a plan so we could upgrade from a value resort. What ever they use to brainwash us…I hope they keep it up!

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That’s what happened to us. Now we are DVC members waiting very unpatiently for our next trip 1 year from now.

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Thank you so much for posting this. My DH is sacrificing so many of his values to make this trip for me and the children. I honestly wouldn’t dream in my wildest that he might find any joy in it. Everyone who has posted their experiences here has given me just the slightest glimmer of hope that my husband, too, may enjoy himself.

DW was totally neutral about it but then saw how happy it made our daughter and then it was easy to persuade her to plan more trips.