Western Caribbean Fantasy 10/31/15

Will anyone else be on this cruise?

I just found this. My DH and I will be on this cruise. Hope we can meet up.

@kmusilli did you get your cruise documents yet? I’m so excited for our cruise. We leave 10/27 for our vacation, and it can’t come fast enough! Is this your first cruise?

@Savage1117 I have not received my cruise documents yet. Would they go my TA first or directly from Disney? This is our first cruise, so excited. We are leaving 10/29, MNSSHP party day.

I would call your TA @kmusilli. Our first cruise they did come from our TA (I think). Not sure if it makes a difference or not, but we are sailing concierge. But i really don’t see how that would matter. The only thing you really need from that packet is the tags for your bags. Everything else is just info you probably have already researched. Good luck!

Thanks @Savage1117. My TA is Pirategirl. I will contact her this week.

She might have them then @kmusilli. She is our TA too.

@Savage1117 I have a BOG adr on 10/29 at 4:55 that I am releasing. Any interest?

I’m good, thanks for checking though. My mom and DD insist we go to sleepy hollow for the waffle sandwiches.