Were you at WDW in Dec? If so please can you remember?

If you were at WDW last dec in the couple of weeks before Christmas please can you help me with the following questions.
Re HS fireworks

  1. TP historical data shows HS fireworks being nightly from Fri 18th at 11pm, can anyone confirm this please?
  2. Apparently last year disney had scheduled them at 8:30pm. Does anyone know when disney changed the time? Was it weeks or months before?
    Thank you

Here is a link about this: http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/disneys-hollywood-studios/news/07dec2015-disneys-hollywood-studios-hours-extended-for-the-holiday-season-with-the-addition-of-symphony-in-the-stars-fireworks.htm . On Dec 7 they announced the fireworks would start Dec 18, and the park would stay open late accordingly.

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We were there thru around the 12th last December and the only “fireworks” (or night time show) at HS then was Fantasmic! The Symphony of the Stars didn’t start until just prior to Xmas. Things may be radically different this year given the success of the Star Wars fireworks. Plus the lack of the Osborne lights may change HS around Xmas as well…

Basically I’m not sure I’d trust last year as a guide given how different the park and evening shows are now due to SW fireworks plus no Osborne lights…

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Thank you both.