We're staying at the Grand Floridian!

So my wonderful husband surprised me today by upgrading from Coronado Springs to the Grand Floridian for our trip in April! I’ve never done a room request before… so how does the process work/ what do i need to do when… and what are your recommendations for the best room? We have a reservation for the theme park view category.

I’m no help but congrats!!! Please let your dh call my dh :wink: have fun!

My understanding is that youbdo not want to request a specific room, but more of a general area, such as floor#, nearness to something. You can request a specific building. I hear many people fax their requests.

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@MountainEARs go here:

Touring Plan Resort Maps and Room View

From here find the GF and put in all of the important information as far as type of room you have reserved (garden view, awesome MK view, etc.)

When you get all of that in, click on find matching rooms and the app will highlight all of the buildings that have those rooms.

Click a building and it will bring up a floor plan of the building with the rooms that match your information. Click on a room and it will bring up an picture from that room (or an equivalent.) At the bottom of that picture will be information that looks like this:

Bldg 4,Flr 3,NE-facing room.Exmple:4304,4305,4303,4302,4306,4301,4307,4308,4309

Fax that information to the resort about 5 days prior to your visit. When I did this during my last trip to POR, I looked at the rooms listed on here, eliminated the ones I didn’t want, added a couple that I did, then included a touch more information and then threw in several please and thank yous. I got the exact room I wanted.

Hope this helps and if you have any more questions, just ask. I will add that I’m a bit jealous, the GF looks amazing!

lady1955 is correct. It usually works out better to give the room assigners several options to work with. Adding “a room like” to the sentence helps.

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for!

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