Well that's a problem


Sigh. I am on website and app, logged in as me and hubby. Private browsing and regular. Just keep checking I guess?


This is so ridiculous.

I would try going incognito. Clear cookies. All that jazz. And keep trying.

Sorry this has happened to you.


How do I clear cookies on an iPad?
My MIL is having same issue, so at least it’s not just me…


I’m having the same issue this morning - tried clearing cookies and now just get a messed up Olaf. Tried phone and laptop. (enter dramatic eye roll here).


I was able to get in and get a couple then it went down again.


I think you have to go into settings, select your browser, and “clear browser history”


Seeing this all over my Facebook feed, so it looks like you’re not alone. If I remember correctly, someone on chat said that Disney was doing an update last night to IT…once again, looks like it had many unintended consequences.


I have just called to make some reservations. Cast member told me that the system is “undergoing enhancements” at this time and no reservations of any kind can be made until the “enhancements” are completed. I asked if there’s an endpoint identified for the “enhancements” and she said no, recommended trying back hourly.


The PC wasn’t showing the error message but my app says specifically that you can’t make or change FPP selection now. They’re having technical difficulties.

So sorry.


The system seems to be cutting in and out. I was able to get the times we wanted for our AK, HS, and EP days. Started on MK (which are the last two days, 60+5 and 60+6) and had the most trouble of all. Got a message that some guests’ maximum fastpass allotment was reached. But that was short-lived. Now just getting Olaf :frowning: Oh well, gonna keep plugging along! :slight_smile:


Odd thing, though, I’ve been able to modify the passes that I could get with no problem. And then I can see ALLLLL these times available for other rides and it’s so sad :frowning: They’re just sitting there, waiting for someone to pick them…


That IS sad. Our trip is in 11 days and not of our FPP are there to modify.

I’m not worried. I took pics of them all and I’m sure they’ll pop back. I’ve been trying to get my TSM conversed to SDD very day.

I hope you get what you want. I’m sure they’re hearing complaints. I feel bad for the phone agents.


Same here! Having worked in retail, I only had a taste of this, and I’m sure it’s even worse over the phone. A little bit of anonymity. Good luck with your modifying!!

BUT! Good news, things seemed to get working again and I got everything we wanted! YAY! :slight_smile:


Yay indeed! My FPP are showing now. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been running into similar problems with both fast pass and dining. For me the Disney app and website seem to fail more often than they work.


It really makes you wonder how much of a nightmare it’s going to be when this new ticketing policy goes into effect. If they can’t handle FPPs and ADRs without constant IT failures, how on Earth are they going to handle the goofy ticketing?