Well that was interesting

got a text from TP rez finder… used the link from the text to log on to MDE… went to the rez page…for the wrong restaurant …wha wha…anyone else have this happen?

Oh that’s weird.

isnt it… no idea what happened there. i got really excited too…oh well, reset rez finder.

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Did the text say what restaurant? Was it the right one? Did you re-start the search?

yes the text said the right restaurant at the time i was looking for… yes, i restarted my search!

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Wait, MDE had a glitch? That almost never happens! :wink:

Never had that specific problem, but definitely some stuff not doing exactly what it should.

Better luck next time, you’ll get it eventually!

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IKR! MDE is so reliable!:roll_eyes:

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Suggesting an alternative??? Lol

Well, the alternative name I would pick would be WTF. That’s how I feel much of the time when using it.

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