Well that lasted a week and a day

We got home from WDW last weekend and already the not so perfect moments of managing five children are fading away and only the good parts stand out. But, amidst the moments of cranky children, DH declared that “Next time we are doing this without kids.”

And already an opportunity for such a trip! But it’s not until December 2020. DH has a conference (that falls over his birthday) in Orlando. Even if it doesn’t work out, I can start planning now anyway, right?

Even if it’s just 1 day in the Parks?

What park would you pick for a single day?

We haven’t had an overnight sans kids since 2016, so I can probably justify it. If I can wait another 1.5 years for that kind of kid-free break.


Glad you guys had a fun time!!! You have the triplets right? How’d all the RS stuff work out?

Yes! Have the triplets! It went really well, with a few weird CMs not really knowing. We actually didn’t have any problems, tho I didn’t try anything chancy when I only had the three of them with me.

Many times no one asked if my 12 year old was old enough and she rode with the littles separately (Peter Pan, for example). The CMs on RR & FOP (where all 7 of us rode at the same time) seemed really concerned about ages in situations where I couldn’t figure out how it mattered. :woman_shrugging:

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We did a kid-free weekend in Orlando before our second was born and had a great time just doing Disney Springs, visiting the Deluxe resorts, and splurging on dinner at Victoria and Alberts - all the Disney stuff our little kids aren’t into :raised_hands:t2:

Our last family trip, grandparents babysat for an afternoon/evening and we did Epcot during the Festival of the Arts (you could hit up Festival of the Holidays) and had a lot of fun visiting the different food booths, stopping by artists’ stalls and riding the big-kid rides. I LOVE Epcot and think it’s more fun at an adult pace, so that’s be my vote!

Hope you can go because those grown-up breaks are so refreshing!



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One day would find me in AK.

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I did love love love AK.

I’ve been planning a Dec. 2021 trip for a few months, so it never too early! (ONLY 835 more days!)

Which park IMHO comes down to what you love about WDW. I like “Disney Magic” / characters and rides, which I feel most when I’m at MK so I go there as often as possible.

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Yes. In the past I’ve skipped AK and HS in favor of more MK time.

Thinking maybe do a mid-week party night (wouldn’t that be fun!?) to get a little MK fix in and then a full day elsewhere.

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Magic Kingdom

Since I live close enough to DLR to visit there relatively frequently, when I find myself in Orlando I tend to start at AK and add other parks only if I have more time. That said, MK is hard to skip if I have two or more days just since there is so much to do there. Epcot will move up in importance once all the new rides come online. And now HS has TSL and SWGE …

You just convinced me that you need to go for four days. :wink:


I’d do Epcot.

It’s funny how everything times 7 is so freaking expensive, but x2, I keep thinking, “Oh, well that sounds reasonable.”

And it’s Disney, so of course it isn’t reasonable. It’s just less insane.

I don’t think I can work my way up to four days…well…probably not…but please keep enabling that decision because that sounds like more fun than two adults should have without kids. But also needed…

It looks like I can book now, so I will go ahead and do that. But DH can probably get us into a DS hotel with points. Loved CSR in August and am tempted to stay there again - maybe the tower.


Another vote for AK. good you can do a trip with just you and DH