Welcome Show at MK

I have seen a lot of posts about the welcome show at MK. Can someone please tell me what it is exactly, and when it starts? We will be there on July 4th, and the park opens at 8 am that day. Thanks in advance!

This is the description of the welcome show on the touring plans site:

“This show starts about 10 minutes before “rope drop” – the official opening time at the Magic Kingdom. Guests are let through the turnstiles anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes before official park opening and are treated to a welcome show on the train station platform. The show includes dancers, Main Street citizens, and a slew of Disney characters who enter stylishly via the Walt Disney World Railroad.”

We saw it two years ago, and while it was OK, I wouldn’t say it is an attraction to look especially forward to. But those who have this show as a fond childhood memory may disagree :relaxed:

One family is normally chosen to be a part of the show itself, and that looked like fun, but you will have to be among the very first families there to be chosen, and you would probably need both luck and some pixie dust to be the chosen ones…

The last time we were there was 2014, at that time at least it was about a 10 minute show. The people waiting to get in where all outside, and the train pulled up at the train station and the characters got out and they did a little welcome song and danced around a little bit. Then they let everyone in.

There wasn’t really a whole lot to it but it was still exciting to be there and see it :slight_smile:


I personally have fond childhood memories of the show. This year, I will take my DD almost 6 to see it. Youtube it - it’s quick and cute! Not a must see every day at MK but something little ones will enjoy!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I watched a video of it on You Tube, and I have added this to my bucket list! Probably not a “must do” on every single visit, but to do it at least once and say that I have. We will be there on July 4, and the park opens at 8 that day, so I will plan to arrive at about 730 or so.

You may want to arrive a little earlier, especially on a holiday. You need to allow time for security and entrance lines. Also, you want to be close enough to be able to see it. We were there last week and the Welcome show started at 8:40am for 9 opening, and 7:40am for EMH at 8 am. It’s definitely something to see at least once!:slightly_smiling_face:


You will see alot of people close to that opening moving towards the gates. If you want to see the show, this is the perfect opportunity to move close to the railing for a perfect view of the train station. I agree, it’s not a show that will leave you “wowed” but for us, we watch it every visit. I feel like it’s the perfect way to start a day at the Magic Kingdom. It really sets the mood for the day ahead.

Thanks again for the input! We are taking my mil, and she is 68 years old and has never been to Disney, so I just thought that it would be something neat for her to see, as well as something neat for us to see. It definitely sounds like the perfect way to start a day at MK.