Weirdly overwhelmed

You haven’t, by chance, watched any of the Jurassic Park/World movies lately, have you?

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Oops! Just deleted my post by mistake, but this made me laugh out loud! :grin:

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Matt, you can solve this problem by planning the spontaneity.

Put a break in your plan for 2 hours, somewhere roughly where you want to end up, and use this to allow yourself time to be spontaneous.

I’m only half joking… actually I’m not joking at all. My plans have 45 minute breaks in them every couple of hours. It meant I knew we could go and look at the wishing well behind the castle, watch some of the interactions with Gaston (ooh, now that would be so cool for you to do; the photos would bring the house down … or the TP forum at least :joy: ).

One of your main objectives was to be able to smell the roses, remember? So why not make time to do that. But schedule it. Maybe each time you enter a new area, like Harambe. Listen out for the baby crying, or read the signs on the walls.

Just a thought.


Indeed. Especially if this day is before your V&A dinner.

Hmm . . . interesting idea . . . I’ll have a look at the schedule.

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It’s the day after, lol.

I like to shop. And pin trade. So when I have a gap in my schedule, I am like: oh, I guess I’ll shop and pin trade some and eat ice cream. That is enough scheduling for me (I need plans in my life), but enough spontaneity that my group is ok. I will also go see random characters or really, just sit and play on my phone. It’s good sometimes.

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