Weirdly overwhelmed

In 1900 Lord Kelvin, a distinguished physicist, allegedly said, “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.” Five years later, Einstein published his paper on special relativity, and things just got worse and worse for the classical picture of physics thereafter.

A few days ago, I honestly thought my plan was done. I finally got round to figuring out my UOR days and added them to a schedule which had remained unchanged since Wild Africa Tourgate, when @OBNurseNH’s account of the WAT inspired me to add it to my trip causing a major rewriting of the plan.

Last night there was a similar earthquake. WDW announced longer opening hours at MK and AK, which opened up a tranche of FOP FPPs. I grabbed three of them. This had two effects. First I cancelled my Ultimate Nights of Adventure Tour because it became redundant. Second, I started thinking about extending my schedule to take advantage of the later hours.

This has caused me to feel so overwhelmed, I literally had to have a lie down just now.

Cancelling UNAT left a four hour gap in my AK schedule. All my FOPs were in slots at the end of the day. This meant my main AK day felt too long. The original plan was Boma breakfast – Wild Africa Tour – Ultimate Nights of Adventure Tour – home.

The main point of Boma was an excuse to see AKL as part of my tour of hotels, a role originally filled by Jiko, which had to be cancelled after WAT-gate. But breakfast at BOMA and a late FOP felt like burning the candle at both ends. Yet I was reluctant to give up on going to AKL.

I then realised I could move my dinner at Tiffins (scheduled for my AK half-day) to an early lunch on my full AK day – an 11.30am start, rather than a 10.45am one. Not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless. This meant I had to move WAT to the later slot of 2.30pm. Which was fine as I had a hole to fill. It occurred to me that after WAT I could leave AK and head to AKL for dinner at Jiko, before returning to do Pandora, including my FOP FPP. I scheduled this to be as late as possible so that I could finish with Na’vi just before park close, and enjoy a relatively short line.

I wanted to have two bites at Dinosaur and Everest – the first bite being on my half-day at AK – so I squeezed these between lunch at the now later starting WAT.

So the full day is now Tiffins – Dinosaur – Everest – WAT – Jiko and exploring AKL – FOP – Na’vi. A long day – 11 hours – but a fair amount of sitting in air conditioned restaurants, at least one of which is pretty tranquil.

I then turned to my other two FOPs. I’d been a bit greedy in bagging three, but it’s such an awesome ride. Plus the two-day shutdown (in April?) got me scared. As I said, I’m very into having multiple opportunities to go on the A-list rides, just in case something breaks down.

The first of these FOPs was for my half-day at AK. The idea was to do late morning to late afternoon at UOR, then come back to AK in the early evening. Originally I pictured a lovely quiet dinner at Tiffins, followed by FPP Na’vi (because I’d been unable to get FPP FOP at 60 days) and regular line FOP. But I’d now moved Tiffins to lunch on the full AK day, and my FPPs had swapped over, yes for FOP and therefore no for Na’vi.

So I settled on Dinosaur – Everest – FOP – Satu’li – Na’vi, again timed so that Na’vi is just before park close. I did Satu’li twice last year and am very much looking forward to going again.

The difficulty with this new plan is it meant leaving UOR about two hours later than I had originally scheduled (because Satu’li is a much quicker meal than Tiffins, and because of the desire to do Na’vi at the new, later, park close). This meant my UOR Day One plan no longer made sense: it has a two hour hole in it now.

Meanwhile, there was my third FOP. The idea here was to spend a 95% full day at UOR, but stop off at AK on the way back to my house just to do FOP. I’d got the latest FPP they have: 9.30-10.30pm. Once again, I decided I’d time it to get a third bite at Na’vi, too.

So that’s three days ending an hour later than originally scheduled. But there’s more! Arrival day is MK day, and that has a late close now, too. The original plan was arrive at MCO – uber to house to drop off bags and change – uber to MK – BTMR – Splash – HEA dessert party – 7DMT – back to house. I have FPPs for all three rides.

The later close gave me two thoughts. First, if I was delayed at getting to MK by a late plane or long lines at immigration, I wouldn’t be too traumatised in missing BTMR and Splash because I can now do them after HEA. (And surely if my flight arrives at MCO at 2.30pm I can be in MK in time for the dessert party at, say, 8.30pm.)

But what if I do make it time for my original schedule. The temptation is to stay till close and get a couple of extra rides in after 7DMT.

So now I have a fourth day ending much later than planned. And one day starting a little later than planned (my full AK day now beginning with an 11.30am lunch rather than a 10.45am breakfast.)

The house I’m staying at is incredibly tranquil – and it has a pool and hot-tub. I don’t want to spend all my time at theme parks. So now I’m thinking of trimming my two UOR days by starting them a little later in the day.

I can play much of this by ear once I’m actually there. UOR is easy because I have Express Passes both days, and ADRs aren’t a thing. So timings are not critical. (Except I think I might try to get a reservation at Toothsomes for lunch on one of my days, and Mythos for dinner on the other one. If reservations are even necessary. Amusingly it seems like you can only book a month in advance, rather than 180 days!)

So I do now have a new version of the plan. But it has been emotionally draining. I remember reading that we all have a map in our heads of our lives and our place in them. Big life events – moving house, marriage, death, children etc – require this map to be ripped up and redrawn, and that’s why they’re so stressful. It’s not on the same scale, but I feel somewhat like this right now.

There is a sense in which my plans are maps – when I’m scheduling, I literally look at the park maps to make sure the plans are making geographic, as well as temporal, sense.

Well, that’s the end of today’s planning report!


Do you sleep well on planes? Have you accounted for jet lag? a 2:30pm arrival for Orlando is 8:30pm for you. This might affect your ability to do a late night at MK the first night.

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My schedule for arrival day is a carbon copy of last year’s. I was no doubt running on adrenalin, but I was totally fine.

Having said that, last year I flew UK to Boston, stayed overnight in Boston, then flew Boston to Orlando the following day.

This year I’m flying direct UK to Orlando, with a reasonably early flight. On the other hand, I’m flying Virgin Upper Class, which has lay-flat beds so I will try to sleep at least some of the way.

Plus I’m a night owl. It’s 12.38 in the morning here and I won’t be going to bed for at least an hour.


Good thinking.


I have to chuckle when you talk about rearranging your plans because an unexpected 2-hour gap appeared. I purposely build 2 or 3 (or even 4! :scream: ) hour gaps into most of my park days. This accounts for unexpected delays, long lines at the bathroom, etc. It also gives me the freedom, if I am actually staying on schedule, to stop and ask myself "what do I want / need / feel like doing right at this moment that might not have been in my original plans?"
Do I need a cold drink and a bench in the shade for 20 minutes?
Do I want to spontaneously hop in line for that ride I just walked past that I’ve never been on before?
Do I feel like taking 30 minutes that were not part of my schedule to take a million and one pictures of the baby tigers in Anandapur?
Or am I completely exhausted and honestly not having fun anymore because my entire body is screaming at me to know my limits, give in, and just go back to the hotel for a nap?

I need that margin in my Disney vacations, otherwise I get burned out by Day 2! I am in awe of people who can go non-stop for days on end at Disney.:trophy:


Just a comment. Tiffins and Jiko are both delicious, but both were quite large meals in my opinion. Are you sure you want both in the same day?

I had to look that one up. Look at liners teaching me new European vocabulary words.

Thanks to your announcement that additional evening FP for FOP had been released the other afternoon, I’ve been stalking the availability for my arrival day 6/16. I’m happy to report that I have been able to get a 3:10 FP for FOP earlier this morning.

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I keep taking the blame here, somehow :wink:


Does not compute

Always thinking!

My family enjoyed using the Express Pass and did all they cared to in a single day. They didn’t do the big coasters, though, and focused mostly on HPW. I think two days will be amazing!

You’ve got a good plan here!

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This is a good example of why I believe everyone needs a fainting couch, for feeling overwhelmed with a bit of flair.

Also, I was adamant about not going on FOP so we didn’t get FP’s for it. We only waited 40 minutes and then hit every other ride in AK in half a day. I feel like that’s not directly related to anything you wrote I was just really proud of us haha

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You still don’t sound happy with your new plan?

When I first started planning this trip, I wanted a greater emphasis on stopping and smelling the roses. Last year’s trip was fantastic, but it was a whirl.

Yet, when I see a gap in my schedule I panic. I’m not very good at being spontaneous. I like to have a plan (in general in my life). Possibly because I’m taking this trip alone, I’m worried I’ll be bored or even lonely if I don’t have a sequence of activities to follow.

So there’s some tension in my planning at present.

I remember Tiffins as being pretty minimalist. The two meals are over seven hours apart. But I take your point. I’ll try not to be greedy!

Be as greedy as you want or can. But make sure your eyes are not bigger than your stomach!!

and good for you with so many fop fpp. I would do the same and not feel bad or apologize.

I had fpp for fop on my last trip. And could not use them. Hurricane Irma was there the day of my fpps so the parks were closed and i was out of luck. Oh well next time

Well, we did have appetizers & dessert. Also, I had a steak duo at Tiffins & the filet at Jiko, so that would be a lot of steak in one day for me! :joy: I’m sure you know your own eating habits better than I do!

Congrats on all of the FOP!

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You know, I’d sensed this about you. Glad to know you have ownership of this particular quirk of your character. :wink:


I am, however, very capable of being impetuous. Which is probably not the same thing as being spontaneous.


Shocked not shocked


Anyhoo, back to my trauma.

So I reviewed the new version of the plan in massive detail and finally got it to make sense. So I’m reasonably happy again. Though I’m not 100% on my UOR schedules.

But now I’m worrying about rain and storms during my Wild Africa Trek. And then bumping into someone who did the 1.15pm tour who says to me, “I was so lucky to get a spot. Apparently someone switched to the 2.30pm tour and I was on the waitlist for the 1.15pm. It was amazing. All the animals were super active, and the weather was awesome. Apparently, fourteen seconds after our tour ended, there was the largest thunderstorm in the history of Florida and the 2.30pm people were stranded in a huge muddy bog, while all the animals hid. Except a rogue alligator that ate them all. Except one survivor who I’m now talking to.”






If this happens to you, can I have your next trip? I promise to raise a Mickey bar in your memory :joy:

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