Weirdest reason to add a night?

We are heading to Disneyland in a few weeks, and had no initial plans to go to Disney World this year. A few months ago, however, we felt guilty about my sister’s son not actually being at Disney for his first birthday or having a cake delivered from GF to 'Ohana. His siblings all celebrated their birthdays in MK. We decided to make a small trip, 5 nights, to rectify this situation. Upon learning that Scooterbug is the only third party to leave ECVs and strollers, I added a day so that we could utilize our preferred vendors and take full advantage of the five day park hopper tickets. In retrospect, however, I have come to the realization that an extra $1k+ in lodging, not accounting for food and other splurges, has been spent for a stroller rental. What is your weirdest reason to add a night?


Oh wow :joy::joy::joy:


Not necessarily weird but unusual. In 2019 I was down in WDW for a hurricane. I knew there was a possibility of flights being cancelled but decided I would go anyway. I was there a Wednesday to Sunday and the hurricane was to arrive on Saturday. Disney ended up closing Sat and Sunday as well as MCO. Ended up having to extend my stay until I get another flight which was not until Thursday. I was staying in a Savannah View at AKL and they were able to let me stay in the room and give me the AP discount for the remaining nights.

It was an anniversary trip and DW was on a business trip and planning to meet me in Disney for the weekend. She had to fly to Germany on Monday so made the decision that she could not risk getting stuck in Disney, which was the right call. This trip, although I missed spending our anniversary together, was my first solo trip. Since then I realized how much I enjoy solo trips and now go solo 2+ times a year.


We added a night so we had a better chance of snagging 1900 Park our first visit. Managed to get it the last night, and fun dinner to end vacation on. Ate, then went to MK to watch the fireworks lol


I just had a client add a night bc their flight was leaving at 8 PM and they didn’t want to have to vacate the room by 11 AM so they paid for an extra night to stay in the room 5 more hours… :woman_shrugging:
I mean sure i’ll take the extra commission, but seems crazy to me.


I have fond memories of family trips, but could see the benefits of traveling solo. Truly experiencing Disney your way sounds appealing.

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With reservations becoming more difficult to come by, this becomes a necessity!

I’ve added a day for a cheaper flight, but don’t know if I would pay a full night for an extra 5 hours. I would probably leave luggage with bellhop and enjoy DS.


I’m all for an extra day/night at Disney for any excuse! But you do realize you could probably buy a brand new stroller and have it shipped to the resort if you like, for less than that? They are easy to bring on flights to take home or just bring his with!

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I actually booked the extra night after looking at the price of a brand new stroller. We would need a double city mini, average price of $700 not including taxes. An additional night seems like a bargain based on this math. If we didn’t need the ECV and were a smaller party, lugging his would be a practical option. The grandparents don’t want to fly, so we are driving them down. So, for the first time in a long time, the first day will just be a travel day. Little do they know, we are departing at midnight to arrive around 7AM. We’ve scheduled their favorite breakfast at Boma that morning so they should be fine. To be honest, we have never taken advantage of any hotel amenities before. Touring the hotel and having a pool day will also be a first in over 20 years of Disney travel.

My parents would straight up kill me if I tortured them like that.


1998: We killed half a day in the brand-new Animal Kingdom where there was no shade, no fans, no mist, and nightmarishly long lines at every attraction and all three-and-a-half eateries. It wiped us out. It wiped out the kids (ages 5 and 9 at that time). We dragged back to the room; washed the kids off and tucked them in for a nap, and while Dear Husband pulled the traveler’s checks out of the safe to see how much money we had left, I got on the phone with the front desk to add a night and whole day of park hoppers to our key cards.

It was magical. Saved the whole vacation. We didn’t even try to do anything else that evening – just hung out at the resort, played in the swimming pool, had dinner at the full-service restaurant that was there back then… can’t remember the name of it, though… Bonfamille’s! Oh, it was Bonfamille’s. They had gumbo on that menu. :grinning:


I did this in 2020. We were driving due to Covid and a hurricane was expected to hit Louisiana on our way thru so we bumped up our trip a day or two so we could beat the storm. DD did school in the car on the way there! Yay for virtual school (she did marked absent for Athletics because that was in person).

I just added a night to our June trip because of a flight change from 8:40pm to 7am and we had plans that day (WAT that I don’t want to miss)…I really should add that I had already added a day once before for this trip when they dropped the news about the After Hours at Typhoon Lagoon so it truly doesn’t take much to get me to add a day repeatedly to the same trip!

I did something similar for my honeymoon in French Polynesia adding a night for seeing a hula show which honestly was just okay imo. My first honeymoon I added a day because of an airline strike and got to spend an extra night in Santorini. I seem to have a problem…now that I think about it…thanks for this post! LOL


Shh, don’t put that in the universe. They will fall asleep within 30 minutes and wake up just before we arrive for breakfast :joy:

Virtual school was a nightmare. You deserve every additional vacation day!

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Bonus days are always magical!

In hindsight, it truly made mental health so much worse for my kids and from what I’m reading/hearing in the news for all kids. I ended up putting her back in school (as we were offered a choice) the next six weeks so no more extra days of vacation to avoid hurricanes!!!


I still enjoy family trips. My kids are older and not as interested in Disney.

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DD was disappointed when we “missed” a hurricane by 2 weeks :roll_eyes: even after explaining the parks would close and we’d be in a room, she thought it would be fun.

But the day before and the day after were the 2 best days I ever had in the parks. There were no crowds.