Weird Southwest e-mail (HELP!) (solved, disregard)

EDIT: Figured it out! This email was for our May trip! Not for our trip in 9 days!!! Phew!
Received this around midnight.

" We want to make you aware of a change we’ve made to your upcoming trip. This was done proactively due to a Southwest flight schedule change on your day of travel.

Please review your new itinerary below. Your reservation is confirmed and no further action is required.

In the event this new itinerary does not work for you, we are offering the one time opportunity to change your flight date(s) and/or time(s) by up to 14 days from original travel date at no additional cost in accordance with our established reaccommodation practices.

For expedited service, you can change your flight at between the hours of 12:00pm (CST) January 16, 2020 and 11:59pm (CST) January 19, 2020. Flights with no additional cost will display as “Available”. Should you need further assistance, you can reach a Southwest Representative at 1-888-871-8321. Please keep in mind that the time to reach a representative may be longer than normal during this time.

We look forward to seeing you onboard soon.
-Your friends at Southwest"

The weird part is that our original flight is non-stop. GRR-MCO, departing 8:15am and arriving at MCO 11:20am. However this e-mail makes it seem like our original itinerary had a stop in Baltimore.

The OTHER weird thing is that there is no change to our flights when I look in the Southwest App, or check online. Our original flight is still up for sale even. So I don’t understand… Was this e-mail sent to me in error? Has anyone ever had a similar situation?
If this change is indeed correct, then my trip is royally screwed.

Just call them. They have great customer service, not frustrating. Key thing, if they move you back to your original flight, don’t let them “lock you in” where that flight is no longer modifiable. They should only do that if there is a change, not getting what you had back.

On the other hand, if there was a preferable, more expensive flight, this is the time to get that flight with no extra expense. Good luck!

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I always get so confused with these emails but I believe your new flight is the one with the stops?

That’s what the email seems to indicate, but there is no change in my app yet. I’ll be calling soon.

Did the flight number change? I mean, does it match the flight number you booked?

If the flight number is the same, then you must have somehow accidentally booked a flight that is not non-stop.

But that particular flight does stop in Baltimore.

Yes the flight number they are showing is different than what I actually booked. So they are saying my “original itinerary” is a different flight number that what it actually is.

Probably a glitch. As long as you have confirmation of the original flight, you should be able to call them and clear it up.

OHMYGOD, I figured it out! This change is for our MAY TRIP to Universal! I saw this e-mail half asleep this morning, and even though i’ve read it a dozen times now, I only JUST realized it’s not for our trip in 9 days. CRISIS AVERTED!!!

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It’s possible that on your original flight, you had a stopover in BWI, but you wouldn’t need to change planes to get to MCO. This would be considered a “direct” flight, as opposed to a nonstop flight between your home airport and Orlando. I find this happens far more with Southwest than other carriers, at least on the routes I fly.

The change to your itenerary could be that they added a change of planes. So now it is no longer a direct flight. So the schedule may look nearly identical on paper, but in practice it is very different.

The good news is that you could possibly get yourself onto a more convenient flight than you originally booked.

I got this same email for my flights. The only change was the flight number. I thought it was so strange. But now I can change my flight times and date for no charge!? I fight I really wanted was $200 more - now I can get it without paying the increase.

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