Weird question regarding ATM's in the Bubble

Funny. All the times I’ve referred to “the bubble” in my posts, not once have I ever thought of it in terms of my name.

I digress.

ATM’s in the bubble. Do you remember (recently) if you can tap the ATM card or do you still have to insert and grab. ( :woman_facepalming: )

My card got stuck in a gas station pump last year because my nails couldn’t grab it properly. Which is ironic because I’ll need the cash to tip the mobile nail salon I have to use because Disney won’t do acrylics.


There are so many things I love about this post and I cannot answer your question


I ALWAYS go to the bank before a vacation and get all the cash / small bills I’ll need so that I don’t have to pay exorbitant ATM fees, which are basically the same as burning money but with none of the spectacle. I have a WF branch downstairs in my office building so it’s easy for me.


I agree and great points.

I’ll still need to hit he ATM either there or in UOR at least once (I can try to MAKE a spectacle while I’m pulling out…but you know…they might frown at that and I’d REALLY like to not get banned early on in the trip.)

End, anything goes.


As one of the multiple of liners that were victims of fraud in 2017 after using a Beach Club atm, I will ask you to reconsider. I leave my debit card home.

Over $900 was removed from my checking accounts within an hour. The first, test withdrawal, was small. While I was dealing with the loss I cannot tell you how many times I was told “Florida is the fraud capital of the world”.

I bring cash and credit cards that alert me the second I use the credit card. Honestly- it is safer.


Wow! Did you ever learn how they perpetrated the fraud? Like did they put a scanner on the card reader or something?

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I’m sorry that you had to go through all that hassle! That’s super frustrating.

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It was definitely a scanner . As I was walking to the machine a well dressed woman came out of nowhere and used the machine. I think she was targeting people and she picked the right one. Unfortunately if a bunch of people on TP chat were victims, I can’t imagine how many others were victims.

I contacted Chase. Another liner got the manager of BC to shut down the machine.


Thank you. This was a good reminder for me and I just went and had the “never use your debit card while traveling” conversation w/ dd20.

She looked at me with that “duh” expression, but it needed to be discussed. :sunglasses:


I live in Vegas. We’ve had a few years where readers were on a lot of the gas pumps and ATM’s here.

That being said, or makes my original question even more important, do the current ATM’s have tap capabilities?

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When is your trip?

December, but that’s immediately after I spend a week in downtown Chicago first.

ETA:this just showed it’s an extended trip and I’m not crazy about carrying that much cash to cover both the Chicago and Orlando legs of the trip through the airports or around Chicago.

I normally just go with what fits in my jeans/leggings. I don’t use a purse. ID and CC’s with just a couple hundred in 20’s for tips at most. That won’t last long.


I was talking about doing a single day car rental just to run around and get creature comforts and start a storage rental unit for DH’s special high back chair or my crazy pillows.

I can probably hit a Chase there in Orlando while we’re hunting down the rest.

Also, I might need a blow up mattress if DH has the bedroom (he works odd hours and his office/clients don’t need to watch me sleep on zoom) and DS claimed the couch. That leaves me with that funky single sleeper chair.


I usually put a couple of envelopes with smaller amounts of cash in random parts of my luggage so that if one gets stolen I’d have backup and it wouldn’t be particularly large loss.


Oh. I like this idea! Thanks!

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I will be at UOR and Disney this week. I will look at the machines and report back.


Stop me if I’ve told this story before, but…

Several years ago, we were driving down for a trip to Florida with the kids, and we had adopted a pay cash for everything model to ensure we stayed within our budget.

Anyhow, halfway down, we stayed the night near Gatlinburg, and the next morning drove through the Smokies. We came upon the Appalachian Trail, and decided to stop and get out so the kids, quite young at the time, could see the view. There was a huge lot with hundreds of cars. We dutifully kept our couple thousands of dollars in said vehicle locked in the glove box.

Or did we?

About 30 minutes later, as we’re standing looking out from this observation area, we go, “Hey, look at our car!”. Then, to our horror, we noticed one if the car doors had been left wide open! (This is one of the trials of having 5 kids…they have you outnumbered in your ability to keep track of everything they do every moment, because one of them failed to shut the door and we only noticed from an elevation hundreds of feet up!)

I rushed back down, and found that not only was the door left open, but the glove box was NOT locked.

The good news is that all the folks in the parking lot were find upstanding citizens, and our cash was untouched. But we learned a lesson that day.n carrying that much cash is a bad idea after all… especially when you have kids! :wink:


Do any places at Disney even accept cash? I’m sure they do, I just have not used cash for anything besides tips for a long time.


I went in June and as usual paid cash for everything


I would recommend while on vacation to use your credit card. If by chance something was to go wrong it is much easier to work with a credit card. Also your credit card can easily be replaced if lost or stolen your cash cant.