Weird question about costumes and rides

My FPP date is in 1 week and I am trying to get my plan together. Our first day is MNSSHP and we will be in MK a few hours ahead so I will be using FPP before the party. The thing is my sis is dressing as Ariel and will have a wig. So what rides are out taking the wig into consideration? I have a feeling 7DMT will have to wait until day 3 because of it. frowning I am guessing these are the rides we should skip that night: 7DMT, Splash, Space, Barnstormer and BTMRR but let me know if there are others. Thanks!

If it were me, I think I would leave big stuff like that in a bag or a locker at park entrance, have some crazy fun, then change into it later. Doesn't answer your original question though. No BTMRR, barnstormer, splash, space... I think the rest would be fine...

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That's a great idea @B_squared! I am trying to convince her to make the costumes easy and not overly complicated. We could probably do rides until 6/6:30 and then change for the party. That hadn't occurred to me, thanks.

And like everyone says, it might be hot! Last year we ended up taking off our hula skirts and leis after just a couple hours because we were so hot in them. ( we had tees and shorts underneath) have a great time!!

We are going on Halloween night so I am not sure it will be hot. I have no idea though as I have only been to the world in July and December. I will keep it in mind though.

Last yr my mom was Thor and wore a blonde wig all night... She had to hold on to it on barnstormer! We didn't ride anything else crazy though! She wore it all night, I was impressed! It was a chilly night so she was fine weather wise smile

I vote for red hair spray and a fun hair clip to avoid the wig altogether, keeps it cooler and easier.


This party is a great chance to go on rides without waits (or short wait times). I wouldn't dress in a costume that would prohibit me from going on anything that I would be really looking forward to - like 7DMT.

@kristen0112 that is kind of how I feel but this is my sister's first trip and she is the biggest LM fan and wants to celebrate it being the 25th anniversary of the movie. She has roped me into being Ursula when all I wanted to do was wear themed t-shirts, sigh.
@GrownUpLilo that is a great idea but I think I would be too scared to do that at our hotel.

Go out to the parking lot to spray hair, you don't have to do it in the room, think outside the box

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