Weird question about celebration buttons

My upcoming trip is technically to celebrate my 50th birthday. Wearing a birthday button might get me some goodies.

But the t-shirts I wear are delicate and I don’t want to be stabbing them with pins.

Any suggestions?

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use a lanyard? either to clip the pin to the center badge holder thingamabob, or pins on lanyard vs pins on shirt. or put the pin on your park bag?


How about pinning on a hat?


That’s why I have never had one - and didn’t even let DS7 have a first visit one, even when he asked really nicely.

My kids and I definitely have a couple of shirts with holes from the pins. The hat idea seems like a good one.

We got first visit buttons for our girls on our first trip. It totally ruined one of their shirts. :disappointed_relieved: We haven’t done any buttons since even when I really wanted to!! :rage:

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I’m surprised there isn’t some invention to fix this… like being able to clip a magnet onto a pin. I’m google-ing, but haven’t come up with anything yet.

His weren’t expensive shirts though :joy: I just hate deliberately making holes in my clothes!

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Magnet Brooch Converter

Found one!

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Also, I found this. A much cheaper option.

Oh! And here’s another! (Have I mentioned my job is finding things on the internet?)


I vote earlobe or eyebrow, just to make sure no CMs miss it.