Weird FPP times showing on MDE

For the evening of Mar 12, I booked FPP for Tink (7-8), the Speedway (8.05-9.05), & Wishes (9.35-9.55). The weird part is on MDE, it’s showing times of 8.05-10.05 for SW, and 10.35-10.55 for Wishes…but only on the main screen. When I go into “modify,” it shows the proper times. Will it fix itself? Not super worried about the attractions, but would like the reserved area for Wishes that night. TIA! (I’ve checked, and Wishes is still showing the 10pm time everywhere I can see).

I can’t truly answer your question, but at one point I also had MDE acting weird. It didn’t show all my fastpasses. But when I went in to modify, they were there. and later on MDE had it right and it hasn’t been a problem since (that I’ve noticed). So hopefully it’ll fix itself for you too.

Thanks, I’m sure it’s fine, probably a little glitch somewhere in MDE!

MDE is prone to glitching - but it’s MUCH better than it was when it was first launched. Give it a day or two and try again…

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