Weird APR Glitch

Bear with me…
Arriving on Monday after booking a last minute trip last week. When I booked, there was very little ‘hotel reservation’ availability for APRs so I had to call the AP ticket line and they were able to book them as ‘AP’ APRs. At the time, there was no availability for HS on May the 4th. This morning, I saw that it was now available and decided to switch 2 of my days (MK being the other one).
Having no experience cancelling APRs, I could not find an option to cancel, so proceeded through the normal reservation process to see if it would let me book the new APR and it did. I assumed that this would automatically cancel the previous ones. It did not.
I now have 2 APRs on Tuesday and Wednesday, HS and MK on each day. I looked further and sure enough, the new APRs have a cancel option, but the ones Disney booked for me do not.
I’m probably answering my own question, but I assume I should call to make sure the system doesn’t get flagged and cancel them all?

I think that’s the safest option.


I would definitely do that.

I think the other one “stuck” because it was manually entered. Have not otherwise heard of anyone managing to hold two at one time.

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Thanks @missoverexcited & @OBNurseNH!
I did end up calling (with a long wait) and the CM was really surprised that this happened. And after all of it, I ended up keeping my original APRs. Because I’ve done HS on May the 4th before and my trip is so short this time, I’m afraid the crowds/waits might eat up the one full day I have in the parks.