Weight Limits at Disneyland & California Adventure?

I’m curious. Are there weight limits for adult that ride on attractions for younger children such as the Dumbo ride or Peter Pan, etc? Please share your knowledge and thoughts. Thanks!

No weight limits as far as I know. Some ride seating can be tight ie Goofys Sky School. I’m short & I find it cramped :smile:

Hello, Murillos337
Just to give you my experience, at my heaviest going to Disneyland I was 320lbs at 5’10 and I was able to go on every ride I wanted. I never been on the Dumbo one but I did go on Peter Pan and all the Storybook Lane kid rides in Disneyland. Not one problem. I was more worried about Space Mountain and Screaming California but again, no issues. I hope you have a wonderful time/had a wonderful time. :slight_smile:

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No there are no weight limits on any of the rides. We actually asked this question when we were at DLR. The key is that you must be able to fit the safety equipment on, which may be as simple as an adjustable safety bar, like the ones on most of the Fantasyland rides or the most constrictive which seems to be on Silly Symphony Swings.