Weight and Height Limits

My Husband is 6ft 4 and weighs 336 lbs. Are there any rides that he won’t be able to go on please at the florida disney park? His ‘must ride’ list includes seven dwarves, tower of terror, expedition everest, thunder mountain and splash mountain. thanks for your help.

Height wise he’ll be fine. I don’t know about weight specifically as it might depend where he carries it but I know people complain that the seats on 7DMT are pretty small.

Leg size can be an issue on FoP because of the restraints but your list looks fine other than being squished in on 7DMT.

My FIL has an issue with 7DMT because of his height, the bar will not go down all the way to lock properly.

He has not tried FOP yet.

I don’t think his weight will be an issue in Disney. I am pooh sized plus and I can go on a lot except coasters but I have found a vlogger who address theses issues she goes on many rides and tells you who will fit and how to fit. _Pammie Plus Parks_she address many areas from height and weight to disability and medical conditions.

Please give it a watch.


DH is 6’4" and around 300lbs. He won’t fit in 7DMT. He is ‘squished’ in FOP and has done it once but has no desire to do it again - said he was uncomfortable the whole time. Those are the only 2 he has an issue with.

I’m 6’3". Height-wise it may depend on leg length. Barnstormer is bad for tall people. Splash is a little tight on leg room.

As far as weight, as others said, it sort of depends where it is on him. Biggest thing to beware of is a skinny person riding with a big person on rides like splash and btmrr with a shared lap bar, the skinny person will not be very secure.

Yes, the lap bar thing…DH hangs onto scrawny DS10 when he rides with him!

And don’t forget to duck when getting in the doom buggy (HM) or clam shells (Nemo). DH has smashed his head on the top.

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love her videos

Great thank you - will take a look. Busy booking FPP at the moment - so helpful to have everyone’s insight when booking. Thanks again!