Weighing options for MK and Epcot resorts - thoughts?

Given everything that has happened this past year, I’m far from certain that our potential trip in december will happen. But for now, I’m making plans with the assumption that travelling across the pond will be possible and first up is accommodation.

In recent years we’ve stayed at Contemporary and BW, those are probably my two favorite resorts but I’m up for something else, and I’d appreciate some thoughts.

I prefer to be walking distance from at least one park for easy eatly morning access and, well, that feeling of being in the bubble and close to “everything”. This already would limit us to the MK or Epcot/HS resort areas. At this point I don’t have a budget in mind but staying at a deluxe resort is possible as it’s not a super long trip - I’m quite certain all of these have suitable room options and availability, so that’s something I’ll weigh later, and am now focusing more on everything else.

A few thoughts on different options:

BC/YC - as I like the BW a lot, these are close proximity. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve stayed at either. Having been to BWI more recently, how do they compare overall? Quality of rooms? Ambiance? When have they done updates? Which one??

Poly - When will the refurb be done? I have actually never stayed here, but have visited years and years ago. I like the overall theming a lot but I’m worried the new theming will make it less “authentic” in a way. Obviously the location is good with good access to MK and TTC being close and walkable. One of my top considerations.

Bay Lake - as I mentioned I’ve been to CR recently and I like it particularly for the nostalgia factor (memories from my childhood). I like the lively atmosphere at the concourse and of course the close proximity to MK. How does BLT compare overall? Thinking it could be a nice change but still a familiar atmosphere.

GF - I’m sure it’s super nice, but I just can’t see myself here because of the style. Too old fashioned and boring / less Disney-feeling. Change my mind?!

Wild card: AKL. I feel like the kids would love this, but I don’t like the idea of not being able to walk anywhere and being far from the other parks. How much of an issue is this really, I’m not sure? Turn my hesd with this one too! I’ve never been here. Didnthey refurb all the rooms recently?

Of course, we always have the option of going back to BWI or CR and know exactly what we’re getting. I think CR is up for refurb though, is there any info when?

Any thoughts welcome at this point, I feel like my mind will change several times before and after I make a reservation…

A trip with no budget… my dream!

Of the areas you suggested I would choose Poly or YC. BLT rooms seem small (especially the studios) and I think that resort would be boring for kids. AKL is gorgeous, but with Jambo closed I wouldn’t choose there for this trip.

Poly renos are very nice and still authentic with fairly subdued Moana references. I know there are pics online of the new rooms if you do a quick search. The main resort is set to reopen in July so I assume all rooms will be completed by then. It’s one of my dream resort stays and has great pools and a splash area for the kids (not sure their ages).

YC has my favorite rooms I have ever stayed in on property. They are gorgeous, recently updated, and have probably the most comfortable sleeper sofa I’ve ever slept on. Stormalong Bay is such a great pool area with the lazy river being a favorite of mine. You also have quick walking access to 2 parks and a multitude of restaurants in the neighboring resorts or via the Skyliner.

All things considered I would choose YC.

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