Weekend: October 12-14

Is there any particular reason why the parks at 10s on all three of these days? Is there a special event? I know there’s Columbus/Native People’s Day on Monday, Oct. 14, but I didn’t see such high numbers for Labor Day weekend. I checked conventions and there are no big ones that weekend.

It’s a weekend with a (lesser) Monday holiday during popular Halloween time & right in prime Fall Break season as well.

Also, none of the pass types are blocked for that Monday the 14th (including the lowest ones) so I’d definitely expect that day to be a 10. It does look like the SoCal and SoCal select passes are blocked for the weekend (12 & 13th) and Deluxe is blocked just Sat the 12th but the rest of the Annual Pass types are valid (or in the case of the Flex pass- can make reservations for those days that aren’t yet sold out).

That all seems like a perfect recipe for high crowds. If you look at the historical crowd levels for 2018, Columbus/Native People’s Day and the weekend before it were all 9 & 10’s (the weekend did include Gay Days which this year is a week earlier than Columbus/Native People’s Day) but also last year the following Saturday (13th) was also a 10. So definitely a busy time of year with all the things mentioned above.

Thanks. Good process to look at the historical for that time last year! I’ve found all the predictions this year to be wonky thanks to fear and actual of Galaxy’s Edge

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Ain’t that^^ the truth!!

I think also a lot of families who typically go once a year or every now & then saw that Galaxy’s Edge wouldn’t be fully operational in the summer so deferred to Fall/Winter trips in hopes that the rest of it would be ready by then.

But either way, I believe that counting on a busy crowd is the best strategy and that way you’ll be prepared to have a grand time crowds and all. And if you show up and it’s 5’s instead of 10’s, do an extra celebration dance & still have a grand time :slight_smile:

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They’ll be doing the next Crowd Calendar update on 10/3, so it still might change. You can watch this video for more info on the delayed crowd calendar updates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqqgoHuz8Tw