Weekend crowds

Hi everyone. Hearing reports that weekends are getting increasingly crowded. We are heading down for 3.5 weeks in November-December. With so many possible park days, we’re considering just skipping the parks on weekends altogether or heading in for a few hours in the afternoons after crowds hopefully die down a bit.

Is there any park that’s less crowded on weekends now than others? I’d assumed AK would be the best choice but have heard it’s actually one of the worst. I’m assuming avoiding Epcot would be a given considering F&W though we will be staying at the Beach Club and usually love heading over for a few hours in the evening to stroll around.

Any advice?

We aren’t nearly as concerned about wait times as we are about social distancing. With so many park days we’re fine just strolling around and soaking in the ambiance but would be very uncomfortable being stuck in a bottleneck of people, etc.


There are multiple Trip Reports from people who have visited over the last couple weeks.


According to the current data, AK and HS, while still busier on weekends compared to weekdays, see the smallest increase, while the differential is much greater for MK and EP.

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With that many days, I’d make Saturdays resort days since you can.

I will say though, that while the lines are longer on the weekends, the parks themselves outside of the lines didn’t feel crazy crowded to me. Most people are in line, so it isn’t super difficult to maintain your own space. The one time I really noticed the crowds in the walkways was Epcot on a Saturday. There are just lines everywhere there for food booths, pavillions, etc, so some of the actual walking space is absorbed in that.

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Thank you! We think this is the way to go for us. HS looks to be a good bet on Sundays per the crowd calendar however reports have said it’s complete insanity there on the weekends.