Weekend Crowds in March


I’ve always heard that weekend crowds are much higher then during the week (makes sense!).

We were in Disney Feb 2020. Our first touring days were Sat at MK and Sun at HWS. Both days were incredibly crowded…but it was during Mardi Gras. We had scheduled our two down days on Tuesday and Thursday of our trip.

We are planning on returning March 2022 (18-26).
Our first park day will be a Saturday again. As we are going with a family who has never been I think we will do a full MK day Saturday.

I am wondering if you think the crowd levels differ that much (between weekend and weekday) that it is worth it to schedule our down day on our second day -Sunday. Normally I would do it after 2-3 days…but I think i would do anything to avoid those crowd levels if possible! Retrospectively they were rated as 10 on here and I believe it. It was honestly difficult just walking around…

Thank you for any help you can give!!

Is anyone able to give an opinion on this?

Those dates are one of the most crowded times of the whole year, nearly like Christmas time. It’s the prime spring break season. Everywhere, every day, busy. Here is what TP says:

I’d agree that Wednesdays are the least crowded day of most weeks.

Ughhhhh… Not the response I was hoping for!! Lol
I was hoping that since Easter is later in April 2022 that it wouldn’t be too bad. We are coming from Nova Scotia and our March Break is actually the week before. That being said I know it varies everywhere…

When we went the last week of Feb in 2020 it was very busy from Mardi Gras. But it also was cooler then we would have liked - especially since we spend a week at the beach after Disney. We are trying to escape our winter and would have liked it to be a bit warmer. That’s why we decided to delay it a month and go in March.

It seems like there are very few non busy times to choose from now at Disney…

Yeah, Easter doesn’t affect too much as far as crowds. If you can do the last week of February/very beginning of March, it would be considerably better. That’s when I went this year, it was great. We had 3 days in the 80’s and mid to upper 70’s.

I did look at that but Mardi Gras is Tuesday March 1 next year. After our last trip and experience with it I swore I wouldn’t go back during Mardi Gras. Presidents Day with Mardi Gras just after makes me very hesitant about choosing the last week of Feb /first week of March.

Mardi Gras this year was Feb 16. Which I’m sure made the first week of March perfect for you! I don’t know if that would be the case next year…

Ah yes, good point. I see the week of your visit was indeed very busy. Usually, Mardi Gras isn’t terrible but it sure was in 2020!

Also, President’s Day is late next year. I’ll bet the week leading up to it is a lower crowd week.

It really was!! Our days at the MK and HWS you could hardly move!

This is our week too- 19-26th. I am planning a Wed day off. We went the same week last year- we got some things done but nothing like previous years(when we traditionally have traveled Easter week). I chalked it up to covid and my expectations were low. For 2022 I have similar very low expectations- I am getting a 7 day PH, and telling the kids they can just do what they want, outside of dinners. Plan on everything being a 10 by the time we get there. The whole Genie thing has me upset…Disney is not on my list for 2023. See you there!!!

Maybe try post-Spring break and pre-schools ending?
So, the last week of April and the first week of May.