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New member here - thanks to everyone for the info on this forum and website, it is incredibly helpful. This is our first trip to WDW. We will be in the area from March 28 to April 10 and had planned on hitting the WDW parks on the weekdays based on everything we’d read. However, the TP crowd calendar shows the weekends as being less busy. And the WDW reservation system is green on the weekends and not weekdays. Any thoughts as to why this might be? We are thinking of changing our reservations to the weekend(s) and wanted to get any input. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. All the best.


Mainly, weekends are popular travel days because most visitors stay a whole week. Plus most people just assume that weekdays will be less busy and don’t think to check. Mondays have been the busiest. The crowd calendar forecasts are based on the recent trends. Here are the latest wait times for each park for each day of the week from January 1 to now.


We had guessed that these were likely travel days - thanks very much, this is super helpful! Cheers.

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Just another example of how relavent Josh was:


One thing I’ve noticed from thrilldata is that LL availability at DHS is better on weekends esp. Saturdays.

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