Weekday Crowds in August - Does the Imagine Passholder Block Make a Crowd Difference?

Hello All!
We are planning a trip to CA the 2nd or 3rd week in August 2022. We would visit the parks on a Tuesday / Wednesday or Wednesday / Thursday. From what I read, local schools will be back in session both weeks. There is a Passholder Block for Imagine Passholders the 2nd week of August. Any thoughts as to if this will make a difference in crowds? Would crowds naturally be less the 3rd week as fewer people tend to vacation as August goes on? Thanks for any and all help!

I would Imagine - no pun intended LOL - that they are blocked because crowds are high. So I wouldn’t think it would make a difference in the way you are thinking.

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The blockouts do exist because it is naturally a more busy time for most families to vacation. On the other side of the coin, when a passholder blockout is lifted there can be an influx of passholder visits. This is especially if there is a limited time event running or new show or merch offering or if the blockout was longer than a day here or there.

That being said, passholder visitors create a different kind of busy than vacationing families. Vacationing families are more apt to wait in longer lines for rides and posted/advertised character meets. Regular and especially local passholders are much less likely to be in lines longer than 25 min & will likely to be there for special events/merchandise and/or camping out for a space for any parade or Fantasmic! or World of Color (which it’s just occurred to me I don’t know if they’ve announced if what they used to distribute as a free FASTPASS will be only a Genie+ offering…).

Going to add a caveat that not at all sure how these trends hold up now that there are advance reservations and that how most busy days sell out of passholder reservations way in advance. Also, that there may be more vacationing families this year than in a long while, so it may be that the parks will be busy one way or the other.

In a nutshell, I think going whichever week works better for your family’s schedule is the best choice as it’s very TBD how the effect of vacation reservations plus blockouts affect changes. Plus with you doing midweek like that those are generally the best days to see the lowest crowds anyway, so I think no matter which week you choose, you’ll be able to get a similar experience.