Week of September 18 crowds?

I just checked on my hotel options to see if AP rates had lowered at Surfside, and for the nights of 9/20 and 9/21 (Wednesday and Thursday) there’s not much availability left…anywhere. I know those are HHN nights, but when we went to UOR in June there was a LOT more availability all across the board at every resort. Is it really going to be super crowded mid September compared to mid June…?

I’m going on those dates. I went last year at the same time. It’s not that bad because locals don’t come out i the day because school is in session. However, it is still kinda “busy” for HHN.

I find the best rates come out at around 3 - 4 months before your travel. You can still find deals as the dates get closer sometimes. Also, you get better rates for staying 4+ nights.

Just come hang out with me & I’ll make sure you have fun!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Mostly joking, but I do hope to at least bump into you at some point!

I did find these rates for staying 9/20 - 9/22… Dockside = $98.50 / CBBR = $104…not too bad!

Well, I just switched around my UOR days and WDW days. I will start my trip at UOR now and be there 9/11 and 9/12. I got Dockside rates at $65/night and no HHN those nights. I’ll move to WDW on the 13th and checkout the 22nd. When does your UOR trip start?

That’s great! If you see a rate that low you should totally jump on it!!

DD & I will be together Thurs. 9/14 - Monday 9/18

I’m solo Monday afternoon 9/18 - Sun . 9/24

I will be at MNSSHP on Tues. 9/19/23… I’m kinda excited about going back, but still have anxiety about returning. I’ll feel better when I see a few MNNSHP kick off and find any issues I may face…

Well, shoot, I’ll just miss you at UOR then! I’m now deciding between Sunday the 17th for MNSSHP or Tuesday the 19th. Or, maybe both-lol! I love the “magic” of MK and being there late at night. I’m going to play around with plans today, and if I buy a party ticket for the 19th I’ll let you know. :blush:

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I hope so, but don’t do it just for a Meet-Up! I’d feel guilty!!

I’m ready for UOR, but for one night at MNSSHP I feel the pressure of “Gotta do rides before the party starts that close / Gotta get a VQ for Tron & hope it’s at a good time / Gotta figure which show(s) I can see…”

Really, it’s Tron that makes this all a pain / anxiety inducing. I could just skip it and have a relaxing night. However, I dreamed about Tron from the moment it was built in Shanghai. I hear it’s fun, but overhyped… I really want to do it, but I hate that it’s at the expense of a lot of other things and the VQ gives me such feelings of dread

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You should be able to purchase an ILL for it just from the party ticket if that would help alleviate some of the anxiety. We did this for 7DMT just with a Christmas party ticket back in November. You can pick a time from 4-6 if you plan on getting to MK early.

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Yeah… I made a poll in another thread after leaving my comment here.

The consensus seems to be - try to get a ILL at park opening for either 4pm - 5pm or 5pm - 6pm.

Do CBJ either before or after - depending on which Tron option was available.

Skip Tron during the party as it will take up too much time just in the queue after your VQ is called

I was just reading your poll post! For the Christmas party we arrived at MK at 3 and were at the very front of the pack waiting to get into the party. We tapped in at 3:45 and held just inside the entrance for a few minutes before being released slightly before 4 to head down Main Street. I think you will have plenty of time to see CBJ and then head over to Tron for an ILL between 5-6 if you arrive at MK early and don’t mind waiting to get in. The only unknown is you staying offsite and having to wait until park opening to try for the ILL. If there’s anything I can do as an on-site guest to help, let me know!

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I will! Thanks!! :grin:

Also, this is all so reassuring!! I really appreciate it!!

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