Website vs. App?

New here. Been to WDW numerous times, but first time using an actual touring plan. Going during spring break (I know, I know) with my 3 and 6 year old kids, as well as my 78 year old mom. I’m working on FP as they become available (so far, only 2 days of our 7 day trip) and so many are already out by the time I can log on to obtain (not staying on property this visit). I’m modifying the TP as directed with each FP get. All that to say, that the crowd calculators differ between the Website and the Lines App. Which is more accurate? I switched park/day for Hollywood Studios based on crowd size, but maybe it won’t make much difference. Also, any predictions for wait time for Avatar Flight? Should I put that as our first step at AK or just follow the TP? Thanks a million!

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I’m not sure I understand exactly, but here are a few tips that might help.

  1. Make sure you’re using the full TP website to make your Touring Plans. The app is more useful for optimizing and adjusting plans while you’re in the parks. Rely on the website until you actually get there.

  2. You can make hypothetical TPs in the TP website before you book any FPs to see what the predicted wait times will be. The times are just predictions, but they’ll give you an idea of what FPs you will need or want.

  3. As each day of FPs come available, go into My Disney Experience and get the 3 that you want at the times closest to what you want as soon as possible. Do this each morning, and be flexible.

  4. Then go back into your pre-made Touring Plans and enter the details for the FPs you actually got. If what you got means you have to change plans for other days, adjust everything.

  5. Repeat each day until you get all your FPs and then adjust them and your TPs until you’re happy with everything.

As for Flight of Passage, wait times are still really long. You’ll only see a shorter wait at park opening if you arrive well in advance. This works, but you have to commit to an early start! If you don’t arrive until official park opening time, your wait will be longer. I’d try to get Flight of Passage FPs every day when you log in to get that day’s FP. If you get them, you can change your other plans to work around them.