Website Resize Issue

I know this isn’t forum related, but was wondering if this happens to everyone, or just me :smile:

@len @daybreaker

When my web browser isn’t maximized to my monitor (ie. I have it smaller than my monitor size), the drop-downs on the TP website are hidden, as seen here on the left near the top as seen here hovering over “More”. Is this fixable so that the website resizes to whatever the size of the open browser is, instead of being a set size and existing outside of what’s viewable?

Never noticed that before, but fwiw, I can create the same problem on my Windows 7 PC in three different web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and IE). It seems like the Magic Kingdom menu pops up even with the right side of the words “Magic Kingdom”, regardless of whether there is enough room on the left side of the window to display the whole menu.

Same things happens with my Macbook Pro with 15" screen, using Safari browser! (Glad you mentioned it - I’ve been meaning to let the TP folks know for a while.)