Website/App confusion

Hi! We are taking our first trip in August. I’m a little confused. There are 2 websites. Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Orlando Vacations. My reservation can be found under Vacations but not in UOR website. Can I link it? What is the difference between the two? Also, the app doesn’t have my reservation. Can I link it to the app? Thank you!!

Yeah… Universal isn’t up to speed like the MyDisneyExperience App. You can’t link anything. The Universal Vacations website is what is provided when you buy a package through Universal. UV will send you an e-mail with E-Travel documents for your trip. This info is what you’ll need to get your tickets. It is required that you bring an actual paper copy of your E-Travel documents with you to get your tickets. (Is it still 1998 at USF ??)

The Universal Resorts App is a little more like the MDE App. However, it’s mostly just for wait times & a park map. You can buy tickets through it, but that’s not really for vacation packages – it’s more for “pop-in” visits.

You really won’t need anything from the Universal Orlando Vacation / E-Documents once you get your tickets (You’ll get the tickets either at your hotel – if you are staying at an “official” USF hotel or by going to a Will Call kiosk if staying offsite)

Does that help? If you have more questions or I wasn’t clear, please, let me know.

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