Website/App confusion

Hi! We are taking our first trip in August. I’m a little confused. There are 2 websites. Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Orlando Vacations. My reservation can be found under Vacations but not in UOR website. Can I link it? What is the difference between the two? Also, the app doesn’t have my reservation. Can I link it to the app? Thank you!!

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Yeah… Universal isn’t up to speed like the MyDisneyExperience App. You can’t link anything. The Universal Vacations website is what is provided when you buy a package through Universal. UV will send you an e-mail with E-Travel documents for your trip. This info is what you’ll need to get your tickets. It is required that you bring an actual paper copy of your E-Travel documents with you to get your tickets. (Is it still 1998 at USF ??)

The Universal Resorts App is a little more like the MDE App. However, it’s mostly just for wait times & a park map. You can buy tickets through it, but that’s not really for vacation packages – it’s more for “pop-in” visits.

You really won’t need anything from the Universal Orlando Vacation / E-Documents once you get your tickets (You’ll get the tickets either at your hotel – if you are staying at an “official” USF hotel or by going to a Will Call kiosk if staying offsite)

Does that help? If you have more questions or I wasn’t clear, please, let me know.

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I’m a newbie to Universal, too, and am trying to get used to the Universal app on the Iphone before my trip next week (eek!). I just set up a credit card to the account to make Mobile purchases easier but do I really “need” to link the park tickets to my account on the app? (I bought our tickets through a third party vendor, not Universal). Is there any benefit to linking my tickets to this app?

Also, if I attach my entire travel party’s tickets to this account, can I then scan us all into the park using just my app?

I’m so used to MyDisneyExperience that I’m feeling awkward/confused that I don’t have my park tickets or hotel reservation linked to the Universal app.

I’ll start by saying I, too, am a MDE pro and love it. I, also, love Universal. However, Universal’s App is years behind what MDE can do. I haven’t used mobile purchases because of this.

Personally, I don’t use the app much at all as it isn’t set-up well “in-park” and can be a headache. The scanners don’t read QR codes well. You can spend minutes waving your phone around trying to get a tapstile or register to read your phone. It’s very frustrating.

Using the Universal App is totally optional. You don’t have to link your tickets or reservations. (FYI – The Universal reservations system & Universal Park app are different systems and don’t talk to each other like MDE)

I still have a lanyard with a pouch I wear from my Disney days before MagicBands to carry my tickets / photo pass in. I use it for Universal now. I use hard tickets / photo pass vouchers at Universal.

I’m not telling you not to use the App, just don’t expect MDE / MagicBand results.

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Thank you! That was very helpful!

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