Weather worries

Our trip is fast approaching. The 10 day forecast says we will have rain showers two of our three park days (MK and AK). Our day off and HS days predict no rain. I’m wondering, should I switch days? That would be kind of stressful. But, so is a rainy park day. How do you navigate Orlando weather? The forecast is changing daily. Our planned MK day is a 2 on the crowd calendar. If we switched, it would be to a Monday (4 on the crowd calendar). Ugh. I need some perspective. Thank you!

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I went to Orlando at the end of September. For about 2 weeks I watched every day of my trip show 99-100% chance of rain for all three days. I took the sunscreen out of my bag, packed waterproof sandals and a real raincoat. It did rain the last day, but it was hot and sunny the first two days. I was thrilled O could actually use my rain gear on day 3!

Enjoy your trip!


We are hitting the dry season now. If there is going to be rain, it will most likely be because of a big, traditional system sweeping across the continent instead of seabreeze activity.

I’m seeing a moderate chance of rain for the middle of next week but that’s so far away, I wouldn’t be counting on its accuracy yet.


With Orlando the prediction is almost always 50% of rain or better on the extended forecast,

I was there for 12 days in Sept. It was supposed to storm every day for a week according to the 10 day forecast. It’s drizzled / rained softly one night,

I’ve learned that you can only rely on about 24 hours notice of rain in the Orlando forecast…(IMHO)

Hurricane season is over, so that’s going to be a big help!


Thank you everyone. Of course, today the forecast is different. I suppose the lesson is that I won’t know until we get there and we’ll just make the most of it either way. Cross your fingers.


I will be there as well on Tuesday! Just hit the rides that may go down in the rain sooner than later.

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They always call for rain in Florida. Don’t even look at a forecast until day before and even then it won’t be accurate. And yes, there’s still a good chance of daily rain but it’s a Florida shower most likely that will be a pop up shower that only lasts a few minutes. Unless it’s a hurricane or major storm front coming though don’t panic.