Weather Patterns in FL

I love how everyday the “expected weather” icons on my TP main page change from Sunny to Thunder Storms to Rain to Cloudy to Sunny throughout the day… sometimes within hours. There must be no way to depend on the weather reports?! Even fluctuates on a daily/hourly basis.

Welcome to Florida weather :neutral_face: you never know what you will get, especially in the summer! At least the fall you can tell when the cold fronts come through!!! I’m no help! Good luck!

I am not a local Floridian, but in my limited experience the most common scenario is sunny mornings then rain for an hour or two in the afternoon, then clear evenings. Perfect for an afternoon nap!

I’m sure there are days that differ from this, but I think it’s worth checking the hourly forecasts rather than the daily forecasts to have an idea of what to expect.

I’m a native (yes, I’m rare). FL weather in the summer is H-O-T, Humid, and always a great chance of afternoon thunderstorms. The good news is they usually don’t last long - which not everyone knows so it can clear out some people from the parks. Rain storms are generally in the late afternoon. Unless there’s a hurricane out there I don’t take the weather forecast too seriously because it is FL - and it can change from no rain to rain in a matter of minutes and then circle back to sunny. Carry your poncho and/or stroller cover (if you have a stroller). Count on an afternoon rain and then if it doesn’t, that’s a bonus. Lightening however, is a serious issue. We’re the lightning capitol of the US and 2nd in the world.