Weather Next Week - Tropical Depression

We will be in the parks next week for our first ever trip to WDW. While I was prepared for an intermittent shower each day, it looks like there is the possibility of heavy rains and even possible flooding issues! Any tips on how to handle this type of rain? Will it affect the attractions? I’m trying not to let this get me down. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Poncho and an umbrella are a must @kjgrayson. Outside coasters (BTMRR; TT; 7DMT for example) might be out of service but everything else should be up and running.
It may be a bit cold for KRR, but really, you shouldn’t worry. WDW is planned for hurricane weather so there is minimal flooding within the park and on the Disney roads.
Your main enemies are wet feet/wet butt. If possible, use wet resistant sandals and leave a dry set of socks and shoes in a locker (or lug them around?) and carry a small hand towel to dry yourself off.
You’re in Disney! You’ll have fun no matter what!!!
Good luck to you @kjgrayson!!!

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I was wondering the same thing! We are there next week as well. The forecast is changing pretty quickly so I’m hoping the heavy rains will move away :slight_smile:

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Agree with all of this! Take ponchos, they do help and like @quicha said - you’re in Disney, hard not to have fun!

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have a great time @carolinamom3!!!

I think quick drying / sporty clothes are nice for rainy times. Nothing worse than soggy chafing pants, unless it is soggy shoes. Also, lightening, not just rain, has an effect on ride closures. I read somewhere that Disney has only closed due to weather a very small handful of times over the years, so I’m sure it will be fine.

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Are any parks more exposed to elements than others? It looks like Monday and Tuesday may be the wettest. I’m setup with my fast passes for MK and AK on those days, followed by Universal and then Epcot later in the week. Is shifting things around a good idea, or just plan on weathering the storm?

I don’t know what you are planning on doing at Universal, but many of the attractions in USF and several in IOA are indoors, and therefore unaffected by rain. The bigger rides, however, would be problematic.

We are leaving next week too, this was my main worry WEATHER!

That is hard one. On the plus side, heavy rains will keep the crowds away. However, if that is your only MK day - I would be disappointed if it was neverending rain.

Epcot is pretty big and spread out which can be hard in the rain. But you can spend time in one pavilion like The Land or The Seas. We had a rainy day on our last trip and chose to spend it at Epcot. World Showcase wasn’t as fun but we had a pretty successful day.

I actually think AK is fun in the rain because it is less hot and animals like the rain, but there aren’t many indoor attractions except for the shows.

Whatever you decide - I am sure you will have fun no matter what!

The Lake Buena Vista area is due to receive 4 to 6 inches from Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning. When it rains here it’s as if a bucket is being dumped upside down. I wouldn’t wear shoes that slosh when they get wet, and wear heavy ponchos. Also the sky to ground lightning is terrible here and I moved here from the midwest where the storms are typically more severe. The lightning is much worse here than what I am used to. I’ve been to the parks when there has been a 30 minute downpour with the bucket pouring over type of rain. You can’t really walk from one place to another. People congregate under anything that will block the rain and just stand there. The outdoor rides close and the inside rides become crowded. I’m am not deterred by rain in the forecast, but they are still thinking this storm will upgrade to a tropical storm, and it will be a 100% rain event. If it were me, I wouldn’t be making plans to go, mostly due to the severe weather threats with dangerous frequencies of sky to ground lightning and tornado watches, but that’s just me.

And here is the link to the update on the weather so you can decide what tolerance you have for yourself for the weather…