Weather in january

Can people chime in here about what their weather experience has been in January? Were you wearing coats and mitts? Shorts? Jeans?

We are travelling jan. 22nd. Would love to hear what we might be up against :slight_smile:

We’ve gone several times in January, right around the same time that you mention.

It varies. I know that is vague! We’ve had days that hit upper 70’s, maybe 1 day that hit 80. We always go to the pools, they’re heated. The last 2 trips we’ve gone to Blizzard Beach at least once (we just have to play it by ear and go the day that is predicted to be the warmest).

We’ve also experienced a few nights down in the 40’s. I’d say out of about 30 total days spent at WDW in January over the years, we’ve only had 2 or 3 periods of rain. And that was extremely brief. It’s usually dry. No bugs.

Since we come from New England, this is nearly perfect weather for us. It’s kind of like late summer/early fall-type weather at home.

So, my best suggestion is to be prepared with layers. Poncho or light rain jacket is a good idea. I tend to want to be warm and I get chilly easily so I usually wear capris or jeans. Just personal perference. DD always always wears shorts.

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YES! Have been there when it is cold and when it is warm - all depends on the year.