Weather forecast ahead

We are coming from Pennsylvania so we can handle the hot and the cold, but I’m not a fan of being cold. Looking at the forecast (we are 10 days out) I am hoping the evening/morning weather isn’t too cold. I plan to bring jackets and a few pants but I am hoping we won’t need pants too often. Who goes in November, and I worrying too much?

We went in November and we’re glad to have layers. Long sleeves under t shirts in the morning and at night but we swam every day! We brought our lightweight jackets but didn’t need them. Best of luck!

We will be there 11/11 - 11/21. There is a bit of a cold snap just in time for our HS night and MVMCP. I am rethinking what we are wearing. Girls want to wear some Disneybounds and costumes, but I am really afraid they will be cold. :stuck_out_tongue: They can probably handle 65, but 55-60 will be out of our comfort zone. And I don’t know if it is windy in central FL like it is here… ?

I’ll be there next week and was there in February with similar temps (not with highs as low as low-mid 60s though, but it looks like that’s really only Wednesday for now). When we went it was in the mid-upper 70s most days. I took layers in February and am planning to do the same next week. I tend to run cold so I will have a base layer (like Under Armor) and light jacket (which also doubles as my rain jacket) for mornings. I might take a beanie for early mornings/late nights, but I probably will already have one that I wore to the airport because it’s only 15 degrees here right now :laughing: I might take a zip-up hoodie and a pair of pants but plan to be in capri leggings most of the time.

I am bringing a stroller more or less for the food and cameras etc., that I plan to bring. I hate the idea of bringing multiple layers and outfits for all my girls. The youngest was hoping to wear her Moana dress one day… I think that’s going to be a no-go…

Having been multiple times at the end of November from Illinois, I can tell you one factor you might be forgetting is that 65 degrees will feel more like shorts weather than pants weather. It’s like when you are coming out of winter and 60 degrees feels really warm since you are used to the 20’s and 30’s. 60 degrees at end of summer is pants weather for me, but it’s shorts weather in early spring.


I’d plan for any eventualities.

When we did Universal in February 2018, we were planning on some possibly chilly mornings/evenings…but we ended up having temps that, even after dark, didn’t really dip below 70. But historically, that was unusual even for Florida.

I had even bought and brought long pants with cargo pockets (I’m dedicated to cargo pockets, even with long pants!)…but never once needed them!

Thank you all. My husband runs on a hotter temp then me…he’s like it’s shorts weather! I however tend to be cold. I am hoping if I have a couple pair of leggings that I will be fine. Packing double clothes for 4 people can take a lot of suitcase space!!

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Don’t pack double, just pack something that can be thrown over your lighter clothes. A nice hoodie, for example, can likely add enough warmth over short sleeves. A zippered hoodie, rather than pull over, gives options…unzipped or zipped, depending on how much extra warmth you need. Just have a single pair of leggings/long pants that you have available if necessary.

Advice from 2 Thanksgiving weeks, 2014 and 15: you need both summer and true winter clothes. As in, heavy coats—or at least as many layers as can make a coat like effect. Both times we were in shorts one day and then winter coats the next. The worst was Black Friday in 2014 at night when it got into the low 40s and I could see my breath. Empty MK though…the next year it was 15 degrees warmer on the same day and the most people I’ve ever seen in one place at one time (at MK). Both trips we ended up going out without a jacket one day and had to buy some while in the parks.

Coats??? Yikes!!! - definitely not prepared for that… we leave in a few weeks from delaware and all i was planning on was jackets at the most. If i wasn’t paranoid before, i’m DEFINITELY paranoid now. :laughing:

This is sooo freakin true! i was just thinking about this the other day when it was 60 out and how weird it was being cold. Hoping this works in my favor in FL though so we can do without the coats.

Last week i was worrying it was going to be too hot when we got down there. Now as we’re about to enter a cold snap i’m worrying it’ll be too cold. I don’t think i know what to pack!

I have the same struggle, but it is frosted here this morning and 26 degrees out. Hopefully it feels warm there!

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:GoOd GriEf​:astonished:
It was 88°F there yesterday and next Wednesday high is 66°F.

My timing stinks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just bring layers.

All the previous posters, are right … plan for the extremes and wear layers. That’s what the lifeguards do. :slightly_smiling_face: Seriously, here is a pic of what they wore in early December last year when we stayed there. And people were in the pool that chilly day too. Its always hard to know about the weather at WDW ahead of time.

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Honestly, you just have to wait until like 3 days before your trip in order to see what the weather forecast will look. It normally gets pretty accurate at a week out. You’re probably worry too much as it has been absolutely beautiful the week after Thanksgiving the 2 years we were there in 2015 and 2016.

I’m about 10 days out from the trip and starting to watch weather forecasts come into view now.

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I’ve been in mid November 3 times and as others have said it’s a toss up. All 3 trips we have had days that we wore shorts and others that we have worn jeans and sweatshirts/light jackets. The mornings and evenings can be chilly but def warms up mid-day. Planning layers that you can easily add or shed is best.

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