Weather: Early May vs. Late August

We went last year in early May, (we’ve also done mid September years ago) and are thinking about our next trip during the last week of August.

Let’s talk HEAT. My research shows that there isn’t much difference in average highs/lows for the temperature in comparing the two times. (roughly 2 to 3 degrees difference) Yet, I have read a lot of people decrying that the late August heat is “unbearable!”. How can it be that much worse than May? On our last trip the temps got up to close to 90 most days. It was hot, but really not something that slowed us down.

Any thoughts from those in the south or that can handle heat? I grew up in Georgia, and currently reside in Virginia where summers are hot and humid, so I’m guessing my idea of “unbearably hot” isn’t the same as others. But reading people freaking out about the heat and stories of kids throwing up have me worried, can’t tell if they are just not used to the heat or it really is that bad…

August got a lot more rain last year than did May 2016. Maybe August is also more humid? High humidity plus slightly higher heat makes a lot higher heat index. What you and I (Iowa, corn loves heat and humidity) are used to is nastier than what many others deal with. Plus some people just don’t deal well with heat. People need to know how to cope with the hot, humid weather so they don’t get done in by it. I got home from a six day WDW trip last night, so I now know what it’s like there during July, going all day in a park with no hotel/pool break. Not my first choice for weather, but doable!

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Yes August is higher humidity and hurricane season. Hot and sticky.

I am from Houston so very similar climate to Orlando. It is doable but hot and humid. I usually plan for an afternoon break to swim or nap from roughly 1-6pm. Lunch, swim, nap, refresh then back out in the evening.

Humidity, humidity, humidity. You sweat standing outside for 10 minutes at 9 o’clock in the morning. Lived in Houston 15 years, very similar climate. Tried to not got outside in August at all, there are tunnels downtown and people just don’t go outside in the summer for very long (except maybe to escape the over air conditioned offices). But May was almost too cool to go swimming. Not the same thing at all. Still go then if you want to, but August weather is worse.

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Early May and late Aug are incomparably different. Early May is actually quite pleasant - even late May is not too bad. Orlando in August will make you curse your Mother for having ever given birth to you. I live in NW FL, and the amount of time I spend outdoors equals the amount of time it takes me to get back and forth to my car. 30 years ago I vowed that I would never go back in Jul or Aug, and 30 years later this is a vow that I have not broken. I know that there are many people who can only go in the summer, and make the best of an awful situation, and actually have a good time. But I am not tied to school schedules, and I will NEVER voluntarily go to WDW June-September…

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In the last 2 years I’ve done early may twice and late August/early September once.
Early May was awesome and tolerable. I would go so far as to call it perfect weather: hot but not oppressive.
Late August was like being on the surface of the sun starting at about 9 am. The air was so humid, getting from one attraction to another gave the experience of walking through fresh hot soup. We had a great time, but toured from 8-12 and 6-9, spending the whole middle of the day submerged in pool water, at DisneyQuest, or watching a movie in our nice air conditioned room. We couldn’t tolerate staying at MK until the 3 pm parade. As a bonus, however, crowds were lower so we were able to get a lot done.

Yes, it’s hot and sticky but if you don’t mind heat it’s manageable. We go in late August for a few days every year and are at the parks all day. We try to stagger our rides so we’re not outside for too long. Use fast passes wisely as well. Find out what rides have lines that are mostly outside and fast pass those versus the ones that are inside. IE FP BTMR (closed this year anyway) and walk on Splash or FP Barnstormer and walk on Dumbo. We also try to do a little bit later lunch, 2pm or so and spend more time than usually eating/relaxing/cooling off. Then it pours at 5pm and is usually much more tolerable in the evening.

Honestly it’s all a matter of individual differences…different people (and it can be geographical, especially if people are visiting from a currently cold locale, but I know people who live in southern FL who can’t hang in the heat, while my mid-MI niece has zero trouble with it at all) have different comfort levels and vastly different breaking points. I have MS, and that can cause heat to be a huge problem for me, but it’s more an issue when it comes to going from cold/cool to brutally hot. One problem for me is that in early to mid-May my body hasn’t acclimated to the heat at all yet, but by late August it definitely has so while it actually feels hotter in late August, I can handle it better. That’s also why I always try to have an ice pack or somesuch just in case I have to go from spending 90+ minutes in A/C to the outdoor heat.