We’re going to Disney (and I need some help!)

Hi there! We finalized our trip dates today! 11/26-12/5, staying in Little Mermaid rooms at AoA. My 3 girls are mermaid obsessed and are going to lose their minds!

I have been super out of the loop with planning during COVID. We cancelled so many pre-planned trips that it was painful to try to keep up.

So recognizing that everything could change in the next 8 months- what’s your recommendation for a one-stop article or resource to catch up on the most important changes for planning purposes?


I would start by reading this thread:

Do you remember what is it that we have to do to keep pinned conversations to continue to show up? I knew this was somewhere, but it doesn’t show up at the top of my forums and I would love to not lose this again!

Hmm, I have it pinned, but I can’t remember how I did it :smile:
@Nickysyme, would you please post a reminder here? Thanks!

I figured it out! So, apparently the post unpinned for me, so I had to physically press the Pin icon at the top of the thread to repin it.

To prevent pins from unpinning themselves, this thread has instructions at the top of the thread on the setting you need to set. Otherwise, things unpin once you’ve read everything.