We Made it Again! —Barbosa family trip report

Good Morning, we have been back from our trip for a week now, so it felt like the right time to start a trip report. Our last trip was the summer of 2019 and we went back this year with one more addition to our party. Our touring crew was me-Kayla, my husband Josias, my mom Roberta, stepdaughter Ingrid (18), DD Katie (4), and DD Emma (1). We were celebrating Ingrid’s graduation, Emma’s first trip, and our anniversary. After a tough few years—teaching while pregnant during a pandemic, losing my dad to cancer, moving, etc. this trip was a nice focus on memories and magic!

Take Off Day—When I booked our flights, I booked right before the huge gas increase and found great times 10am nonstop going and 3pm nonstop returning. Well a few weeks later, we got notified by Southwest that those flights no longer existed and to choose new ones. The only round trip flights we could take were 5am leaving and 8pm coming back. And they tried to charge us for worse flights! Needless to say, we were up at 1:30 to head to Providence Airport from central Ma. The kids were confused and the adults barely slept, but it was smooth. We paid to park the car for the week and it was a deal (80 dollars). The tram brought us to the airport and the SW kiosk wasn’t even open yet. Once they did open and we checked bags, we waited again for them to open security. Having taken all that time, we only waited about 40 minutes before boarding. It was the smoothest flight we’ve ever taken. After our last trip I vowed never to fly into Florida at night again (storms) and this was definitely a great move!

We opted for Mears as we were big fans of DME and it was the same deal without the Disney flair, we really missed that flair though! We were the first drop off and waited about ten minutes for the bus to leave. We were not in a rush either, as we only planned to do Disney Springs.

We arrived at POP—and it was like being home! I’m not sure if I ever noticed the smell before but noticed it this time. We dropped off our bags and asked about our room (not ready or assigned) and asked about how to use DAS as we needed it for my mom. The CM had no idea how to even use the WDW app so we figured we’d find someone else. After dropping off our bags, we got some snacks and mugs and then headed to Disney Springs. The bus ride was easy and we were all riding some adrenaline. At Springs, it was very quiet. We went in the central Disney store and didn’t buy anything, I was looking for a Dooney as I had been gifted money towards it for Christmas. We found it in the co-op. We mostly had fun taking pics of the girls and letting them play in the fountains. A surreal experience as that was our first Disney moment as kids and we have an old video of my brother and I playing in them. The girls were loving taking pictures with all the Disney figures. And my 4 year old pointed out every palm tree for me knowing I loved them.
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Then we headed to our lunch reservation at Rainforest Cafe. We went once to the AK one as kids, but we actually had one up here in MA that we used to take Ingrid to for her birthday, and then one day it randomly closed. I used to call it a taste of Disney in Ma. So we decided to do the Springs one. The person at the stand put our stroller inside because it was going to rain and then we had lunch. The atmosphere was fun and it wasn’t busy at all, but the service was crazy slow and we were all starting to hit a wall. I did have fun walking around with my 4 year old who was fascinated by the decorations. When we went to leave it was downpouring so we got out our ponchos, then we found that someone had stuck our stroller out in the downpour. I was so frustrated as they told us to park it inside. The manager came over and tried to dry it and gave us few towels, but luckily we were done touring for the day. Leaving, we walked by the water and saw areas we hadn’t seen before and all the restaurants I read about in the guide. At lunch I also called Pop because they had assigned us a room that was so far and not adjoining moms. Luckily they changed it so we got room in building 3 of the 50s— easy access to Main hall and skyliner.

Once we were finally in our rooms, we put one tired baby down for a nap and put away groceries. I unpacked and then we all went in one room and left the baby in the other. Hitting a wall, we all fell asleep for like 2 hours. This catch up made us feel more human so we headed to the food court to share a pizza. We then decided to take a joy ride on the skyliner. I was worried about using it as I’m not a fan of slow heights like stopping on a Ferris wheel. It totally exceeded my expectations though and was so smooth and relaxing. We ended the night with a quick dip in the pool, and all got to bed by about 9pm. Getting in early and to bed early before our first park day made a world of difference from our last trip when we got in at night. So day 1 in the books. Will update over the next few days to continue sharing the journey.


I’m enjoying your trip report and can’t wait to read more! Your family is adorable.

That is so frustrating about the wet stroller!!


Thanks! And can’t You imagine? We had a rain cover for it attached to the back too, like how did they not think to flip that over!


Welcome! So great that your first post is a trip report! Way to jump right in with both feet :smiley:

Great little airport!


How cool is that?!

It’s really different now, isn’t it? It’s wonderful!!

It really does make a huge difference!

Can’t wait to read more :smiley:


Love that smell! It really does make you feel at home.


Great start and welcome! Looking forward to following along.

Playing devils advocate most CM’s are probably too young to have experience with strollers or stroller covers. :wink:

Still a bummer they told you to park it inside then moved it out to the rain.


What’s the smell?

Excited to follow along!!

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Sounds like a great start to your trip! Looking forward to hearing more.

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What a cute family! That sounds like a great first day.


Thanks everyone! And sorry for earlier typos… unacceptable from an English teacher! I did my first trip report our last trip and loved writing it. I then saved it in my files and read it again right before this trip. I’m not as good at following the forum but read the chat regularly.


I love to reread my trip reports, mainly when I’m feeling a bit down. It’s like being there again.


Looking forward to reading the rest. I thought I remembered reading a trip report from you in 2019? Mainly because your kids are about the same age difference as my son and stepdaughter.

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That would be us! And now another munchkin in the group. Emma is 1.5 and our last trip was when Katie was that age!


The resort hotels pipe in a unique smell as you enter. The one at Pop is my fave.

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Here goes day 1 at the parks. I want to start with a side topic though that we have been a loves the dining plan family. I am a crazy budgeter/saver so I like to buy it ahead of time and then enjoy the splurge knowing everything is already paid. So for this trip, I got creative. I planned out everywhere we would eat, made a master doc of how much each meal would cost by guessing what my family would order, budgeting in money for snacks, adult beverages etc. I then bought BJs gift cards with my Chase visa so I got the BJs discount and credit card points. To be even crazier I had note cards for each day of the trip for approximate food budget, plans, etc. While it was crazy and tedious, it worked great. We spent less than I expected, so I ended up doing some early Christmas shopping with the remainder.

Anyway Day 1 is Hollywood Studios because it’s my least favorite park and I think it’s become the most complicated park to tour. With two under 4, it’s also the park that has the most rides we need to RS on, meaning the kids do less. It was the only park we only planned to go to once, so I wanted to get it right. Because of mom’s DAS, we had a Slinky scheduled, but because of wanting to do it all in one day, I bought Genie and Rose ILL. We took the Skyliner and it is such a game changer! The walk to the bus previously was the worst of any park.

When we arrived we were like 10 feet deep, but we weren’t concerned because we were going to Mickey. Got to Mickey with no problem, but the ride took longer to open so we lost a little time. My family was sad to see the empty lobby of the Chinese Theater—big GMR fans—but last trip it was closed entirely, so I was excited. The pre show was fun. And I honestly just loved this ride, it was the sleeper hit. Fun, immersive, and everyone can ride. Katie, DD4, however got freaked out by the water scene. This was one of the first of many things that she was overwhelmed by that surprised me. But she was psyched to head to Toy Story Land. Katie has been watching rides for a year, partly because mom has a Disney YouTube problem, and she just got into it. So she wanted to the baby toy story ride. So we grabbed some Joffrey’s (beverage of the gods) put them in our resort mugs and did TSM. So fun!

So far we were doing good, so we popped into see Sully, and the kids loved it. We waited about 20 minutes. We then had an LL for Rock n Roller Coaster so we headed that way. I waited out with the kids first and it went down while the others were in line. So we snatched up our anytimes and called it for lunch. Did a Mobile Order at ABC and it was great. Not busy, nice and cool, only thing is the Buffalo melt was more like Buffalo soup.

Post lunch, we did a marathon of rides. Met Olaf and headed to Star Tours. Ingrid took selfies with every character we saw, it was a riot. While waiting for the others to do Star Tours, Katie spotted the light sabers and wanted one. She was too scared to do Star Tours, so I might have committed to getting her one if she tried it with me. And old fashioned bribery did the trick. She liked it but didn’t want to go again. So we headed to SWL. The place was massive and impressive, I love classic Star Wars, but a whole land seems over the top to me. We went first to Millenium Falcon and the CM wouldn’t let us use RS claiming both kids were sitting it out. While it didn’t make any sense we just went with it. So mom and Ingrid rode, then Josias and I went. Because reviews were so-so, I was shocked that I had a blast on this—another sleeper hit. It helped that J and I were the pilots. We then did RotR and I’m still not sure how I feel. I like that it’s long, I like the detail, but it was missing emotion and thrill for me. I did it back to back as I got to be the repeat rider and I think I would have been more wowed without knowing the buzz of it or the 16 dollar price tag. When leaving SWL, Kylo Ren came up to Katie and said he knew who she allied with because of her light saber. 40 dollar saber worth it! She kept talking all day about scaring off the bad guy!

After a hot ride binge, we did Muppets and it was the perfect AC break—always a full family crowd pleaser. We then headed back to Hollywood Boulevard for ToT. This was the only one of my favorite rides I only got to do once but I figure I have years ahead when the kids are older. When I stayed out with the kids, the others got stuck in a longer line due to a breakdown, so we were cutting it close with our dinner reservation. But we did get to sneak in one ride on RocknRoller with our anytime. It was a bit odd because it had been down twice, and I asked them to push my bar down more and they said they would do it at the turn and didn’t. The ride also had most of the lights out so it just wasn’t having a good day.

We had a dinner reservation for Hollywood and Vine we were late to, but they were fine with it. We booked this hoping the Fantasmic dining package would open up but alas Fantasmic never came back. I think it might have been our best service of the trip. The food was great (maybe because they have a more reduced menu). The salad was to die for, our server was new and the sweetest person ever (we sent a cast compliment) and the characters came to the kids at least 10 times. Emma adored the characters and had the best interactions with Mickey—playing peek a boo, hand in hand walking around the restaurant, and him taking her binky! It was just such a blast!! After dinner, we did one more ride on Mickey and convinced Katie to go on by saying we’d close her eyes at the water part. Second time was the charm! I forgot to add we did get in Slinky (Katie skipped it) and Fancy Nancy. We missed having Fantasmic to see, but we left the park at 7:30 so it was good timing for the kids and the skyliner was a breeze. We were lucky and did all of that park in the one day!



I’m glad to hear this was so good. It’s on my short list for our next trip.

I love the photo with Sully!


this is making my mama heart swell!!! LOVE IT!


Sounds like a fabulous day!

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What an awesome day!!

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