We have a car, so is driving or DTS better for

(1) going from Animal Kingdom to Sanaa?
(2) going from AoA to 1900 Park Fare?
(3) going from AoA to Kona Cafe?
(4) going from AoA to DTD?
Many thanks!!!

I’d say drive to all those EXCEPT downtown disney; use DTS or park at POR/FQ or POR/RS and take boat to DTD.

Looks like you are staying at AoA. When is your trip, and are 1900 PF and Kona for breakfast ?

But, in general, I would drive everywhere except MK and DTD.
MK, because if you drive, you are parking at the TTC and taking a Tram/Ferry/Monorail to MK so travel time will be about the same as taking a bus to the front of the park. I believe AoA runs the double long buses.

DTD, because the construction/parking is currently a nightmare. This may improve before your trip.
Perhaps a liner visiting now can give us a report.

I would drive everywhere but DTD. We drive to MK for rope drop and park in the front row of the TTC. The only time we use DTS is for a mid-day break. Buses very uncrowded that time of day. Ride the bus back, and then when you leave at the end of the night your car is right where you left it in the front row of the TTC. DTD is such a mess you don’t want to deal with those issues. All other parks/resorts it is easy and quick to drive to them from AOA.

Yes. We will be at AoA but not until early November.

Kona and 1900 are both for dinner

You will get differing opinions on this, but here is mine:
I used to be a die-hard DTS fan- I’m on vacation, let Disney do the driving. The last few trips I have used my car, and I love the convenience of it. I personally would drive to all of the destinations, with the exception of #4. I am not sure of the parking situation at DTD, but in the past it has been difficult. I would probably take the bus to DTD.

Oops! looks like others weighed in before I wrote my reply. Great minds think alike, apparently!


We love having our car, not waiting for busses, and leaving when we want. However, when we ate lunch at Sanaa on our AK day, we took the bus to AKL so we wouldn’t lose our good parking spot at AK. Worked great!

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Should I still drive to MK even when I plan on doing half days in the evening?

You will have a terrible parking spot. In that situation, I would take the bus.

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So rule of thumb is to drive to resorts. Take DTS to DTD. If I make the RD then drive, if not take DTS. Thanks everyone!

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I think you got it :wink: I love love love driving to rd for mk… There is something almost magical about taking the ferry across the water and seeing the castle so early in the morning!!!

Going from AK to Sanaa I would use DTS, IF you are going back to AK, if not drive.

Going from resort to resort is time consuming with DTS, so I would recommend driving since you can.

I would also agree to use DTS for DTD, it is a nightmare to park there. Last time I almost gave up because parking was terrible and that was before the construction.