We got into the SWGE AP preview but

After patiently stalking many forums for the last 5 weeks, I finally had success this morning and was able to get an AP preview slot for August 18th for SWGE!!!

But, it did create some challenges and I am hoping for some help.

DH and I had a trip planned for 8/16 to 8/18 and we are taking DGD9 for her birthday. We booked the Ultimate Night of Adventure for our arrival day and booked the Ultimate day of Thrills for the 17th. We are staying at Wilderness Lodge and we are trying to maximize the short trip by scheduling the tours (Plus, I wasn’t able to get any great FP+).

So, when the Preview dates were announced, we tried to figure out the best plan if we were lucky enough to get in. We decided we would extend our trip by a day, book the preview for the 18th if possible and fly back on the 19th. So, that is now our plan.

DGD9 is not an AP holder so we decided that DH (who is the huge star wars fan) would do the preview and I would stay with DGD9.

I couldn’t find the same AP rate at Wilderness Lodge for the last night so ended up booking one night at AKL, Savannah view room (DGD9 loves animals and we have never stayed at AKL so this was the perfect excuse!).

Since we will have done a lot of rides with the two tours, we may just have this be a resort day to swim and enjoy the hotel. For a 9-year-old, what are some must-do activities that we should take advantage of at AKL?

I can’t wait to get the AKL experts ideas!

We have never stayed there but have done some activities there such as the cookie decorating. Look at this schedule to get an idea of what is offered. Be sure to get an updated schedule when you get there.

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This is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing this