We are Not Unfavorable After All


Well but I hear it’s a more expensive pass with more blackout dates.

So pay more and get less. The motto of Disney in this day and age


Not unfavorable, just less favorable.


They did add more features. All passes, including existing holders, were given a 20% discount on Genie+ and some levels get a discount on parking, which was not available before. Also Photopass for some levels.

I think the extra blackout dates for the top tier was because virtually no one could get those days with an APR anyway, so it was part of their approach to address the lawsuit concerns.

So I consider this a small win for MK holders, because the alternative was to discontinue passes. Now if they would just open sales to new passholders.


This is a perfect description of the situation. It’s nice to have some discount bones thrown out:

  • 20% off Genie+ - now I might actually get it every couple of trips vs. being staunchly opposed and only for seriously special occasions
  • 50% (for our pass) off parking - We stay within walking distance but if we have to stay farther or if the hotel has restrictions on how long we can park the day we arrive/leave good to have in the back pocket as an option to the Downtown Disney parking.

But the real perk we’re excited about is the photos being included. We’ve had it on a pass before & kept renewing at least one pass at that level to keep the photos grandfathered in (until they did away with that perk) so nice to have it back (albeit at a $350 premium with the price increases since we had it), but hey they didn’t completely kick all the passholder/keyholders to the curb, so #silverlinings I guess.

UGH. Yes, we are having some serious FOMO that if we don’t renew in 29 days we might not get to have the option to be a passholder for who knows how long. And we know we want it just not sure if we will be using it at all in Oct or early Nov. :expressionless: