WDWDolphin Extended Evening Hours

I’m considering purchasing a single night (Staying in Pop otherwise) that would look like
Wednesday 12/20 - @3pm skyliner over to Epcot resorts area and checkout gingerbread displays in Beach Club, Yacht Club, checkin to WDWDolphin and drop off an overnight backpack and then head to Boardwalk for their Gingerbread display
@5pm eat dinner at Flying Fish
@6:30pm Catch the boat to DHS for Jollywood Nights @7pm.
@1am take the boat to WDWDolphin and spend the night so I can use the EEH the next day in Epcot

Thursday, 12/21
@11am enter Epcot (so we can get some decent sleep) and we can put the overnight backpack in the locker by IG and grab it on the way out.

WDWDolphin is like 40-ish% of the cost of the BW or BC or YC. However, my concern is how in the heck do they honor the EEH. You just show your room key? I believe I’ve read there have been issues with this so I’m concerned I’ll have to deal with a hassle and it won’t be worth the $300+ (which I justify as it’s like an after hours event LOL cuz Disney math!)

I called the front desk and she said you have two options for those interested

  1. Get a card when you check-in
  2. Go to Guest Services in the park and give them your confirmation number.
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I’ve always plugged my reservation number into MDE. Then I just would tap in as I usually do at park entry. Strangely, MDE has dropped my reservation number from my account the few times I’ve stayed at the dolphin so just check that it’s still active before tapping in. If not, just re-enter it

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I tried to enter in MDE but it said it wasn’t valid but maybe that’s just because it needs a bit to get into their system?

It can take 24-48 hours from what I remember! * from when the reservation is made

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Okay I’ll try again tomorrow and Sunday! Thanks!

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And I just tried and it went thru so only a few hours now! :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Yah, just check it’s still there before entering the parks day of check in and check out in case it drops. Plug it back in real quick and you’ll be good to go. Have a blast!!